Jamaica House press “beating” (briefing), a grand waste of time ?

Jamaica is going through a crises of governance in more ways that one, but I would like to focus on the issue of communication in this piece.

Since the Portia Simpson Miller led administration was elected to power, the Jamaican public have rarely had the chance to speak with her and have her answer questions of national importance.

The Prime Minister uses the “standing order” to try and hide from answering questions posed by the people in parliament with amazing regularity She dodges the media if she happens to speak at am outdoor function and when time comes of Jamaica House press briefong, it becomes press beating and very little answers are provided.

Sandrea Falconer who happens to be the Information Minister, never seems prepared to do anything but read from a script and speaks about what she wants to speaks about, while providing very little or no clarity at all, to matter of national interest.

How can we have a information minister, just merely repeating what has already been said in parliament at a press briefing with journalist gathered in attendance. If that is what the PNP has reduced the Jamaica House press conference to, then the OPM should just issue a press releases to the media instead of wasting the time of journalist.

Sandrea rarely offers answers and in the few instances where she tries to do so, it requires the journalist to ask even more questions given that her answer provides little in the way of clarity. Before you know it a journalist would have to had ask at least 3 -4 follow up questions to get his first question answered, at which point he will be accused of hogging the microphone and badgering the Information Minister and risks being assaulted by Huntley ” the mic snatcher” Medley

I cannot understand why the Jamaican journalist continues to waste their time attending the Jamaica house press briefing, when it is obvious that the Information Minister is out of her depths and like her boss cannot provide the answers that are requested of her.

From where I sit the Jamaica House press briefing is a grand waste of time and journalist should refuse to attend if the Minister is not prepared to answer all questions asked.

Its time the once very vociferous media take a stance and  stop tiptoeing like pussycats around the Prime Minister and her Cabinet Minister.


2 Responses

  1. When you speak the facts, they never change. you will find yourself repeating it over and over. When people want to hear a different answer, they will ask the same thing 100 different ways, but if you stick to the facts, your answer will always be the same.

  2. The Journalist said that the PM answer was differtent from what Easton Douglas said in the media, The information minister said the PM spoke the facts !!!. i.e what Easton Douglas said in the media is suspect.

    Instead the Journalist tries to make it look like what the PM says is untrue. If the PM statement is 100 % accurate, then it will not change. i,e, you cannot use media reports, memo’s etc , but you should verify with actual sale agreement etc

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