Health minister quits over graft scandal

MADRID, Spain (AFP) – Spanish Health Minister Ana Mato resigned on Wednesday after being linked to a massive corruption scandal involving an alleged kickback scheme at the heart of the Spanish prime minister’s conservative Popular Party.

“I have decided to present my resignation,” Mato said in a statement, adding that she was stepping down for the good of the government and the ruling Popular Party.

Mato has not been named as an official suspect in the corruption probe, but a judge said earlier Wednesday that she had “benefited from” holidays, cash payments and other gifts when she was married to Jesus Sepulveda, a former Popular Party mayor of a Madrid suburb.

Now, this Minister did NOTHING wrong, was never accused of anything, her only guilt was being married( no longer is) to someone a former party member who was accused of corruption.

Is that not amazing, to see a government minister resigning even though they were not directly accused of any wrong doing , but by mere association, she resigned for good governance.

Over in Jamaica and specifically from the PNP this would have been the response.

The Minister did nothing wrong, the cabinet met and looked at the entire episode and we see not reason for her to resign as she was not a party to and or participated in any kickback scheme. In addition to the above, the allegations clearly did not involve her and  occurred while she was married to a former party worker and she cannot therefore be found guilty by mere association, when there was no evidence directly linking her to the schemes.

The Prime Minister and the Cabinet has rejected her resignation and she will be allowed to stay on as Health Minister

That is the difference between a country where good governance exist and one which appears to be a banana republic where accountability  is non-existent.


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