Angella Brown Burke and Councillor Venesha Phillips mauls the PNP and Prime Minister over the NHT

I wished the NHT board had just shut up. We need people in public service who really care about the public, especially when the public hasn’t caught your informed visionary approach to development. ‪#‎humility‬ ‪#‎tolerance‬‪#‎selflessness‬.

Angela Brown Burke a PNP Vice President and wife of General Secetary Paul Burke


Venesha Philips – PNP Councillor Papine Division

A People’s National Party (PNP) councillor has described as a slap in the face of Jamaicans, the decision of the Portia Simpson Miller-led Cabinet to leave the current members of the National Housing Trust board in place.

Venesha Phillips, councillor for the Papine Division of the Kingston and St Andrew Corporation, in blasted the  NHT board chair, Easton Douglas saying  the matter has been badly handled and charged that Douglas, by his tone, demonstrated “contempt for the people of this country”.

“I am a Comrade to my core, and for that very reason, balance is not beyond me. The interest of the people is at the centre for me. We can differ as to whether this was in the interest of the people,” Phillips said on Facebook.

An upset Philips said her rebuke of the Government’s actions is “not about giving ammunition to a dim-witted, politically blind and tribal JLP”.

“They are idiots who are making noise for the sake of it and Jamaicans know this. This is about a questionable decision by the NHT Board and the fact that the Board decided that the people of Jamaica had no authority to question its decision or motive and decided to blow the people off,” she said.

“This Board decided that the Act gave them the power to ignore the PM so they did. The Chairman decided that he is larger than life so F#&k all of us including the PM,” Phillips wrote.

The councillor said she would not fall in line, insisting “I have a brain that functions!”

“I am no lackey. I am a comrade and proper member of the PNP. It was handled badly, why didn’t the chairman produce a proper explanation and Sale Agreement from the beginning? I will tell you why, because he didn’t think the public had any right to question his decision because after all he is who he is,” she said.

These are from comrades and their position is no different from me.

I told you a week ago there were cracks in the PNP .


4 Responses

  1. Mr Anonymous wherever you are now reading this I am sure you must be venting and wondering if Jay has someone gotten to some hardcore comrades.

    The above are very strong language by comrades, not Jay.

    What is shows however is a matter of principle and nothing to do with ones political leanings, which is something that appears to be beyond many people.

    These two ladies are absolutely correct and maybe you can learn something from them, since yo would rather not hear that message from Jay

  2. Angela and Venesha, as a comrade, and a balanced citizen, I’m in disagreement with you both. The N.H.T. board quite within its right explained the matter in great detail. It’s just that elections are around the corner, and some politicians are clutching at straws. It’s the silly season. You may or may not have remembered the srident opposition in some quarters in the early 1960s when the National Stadium was being built. It’s just history repeating itself.

    • I keep saying arrogance has no place in public service. The board is tainted not only that it is clear they have no experience is finance and so cannot be left to take responsibility for a billion dollar organization.

      The board said it made a profit from the transaction, which is crap. The NHT must stick to its core function of providing houses.

      How can you agree that 77% of contributors cannot get houses , but NHT can spend $180 for a ten acre property its ridiculous s and NOT financially prudent.

      Even it is was within the right, they have no right to waste our money, its our money Orville not theirs.

      How many low income houses could this have provided for Jamaicans.

      Not only that we are spending $1.2m per mth right now and zero income, not how can that be a good decision ??

      The two comrades are correct.

  3. Julian Robinson is also not very happy.

    PNP Official Robinson Speaks Out On Outameni Purchase

    Junior Minister with responsibility for ICT, Julian Robinson, is the latest elected People’s National Party (PNP) official to speak out on the Outameni purchase, asserting that Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller should have been more upfront about the deal

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