With no change to the NHT board, what now says civil society ?

The Prime Minister having dismissed the cries of the public in the firing of the board members who had refused to resign, must now feel that she is out of the woods.

The Jamaican public and civil society can now do two things

  1. Leave everything as is with comrades controlling the NHT board
  2. Take decisive action to tell the PNP and her cabinet, that we do not approve of their decision.

Yesterday was a defining moment for governance in Jamaica and I know what I will be doing from here going forward.

What actions can be expect of civil society ?


2 Responses

  1. The PM say people power, and she not listening to the people. i suggest that people in Westmoreland boycott the election on December 1, that will send a strong signal. Any PM who ignores the people is on a wrong path. Democracy is about people power

    • I say send a strong message by dismissing her candidate and vote for the female candidate and change the orange “state” as the Prime Minister called it.

      Will that happen, I doubt it ?

      One party never votes for other no matter how bad the situation is and no matter how they are suffering under their administration.

      Political immaturity is “killing” us.

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