Time for action and a no confidence vote against the Prime Minister

Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller has once again let down the country by her extremely poor judgment and management skills and cannot be allowed to continue to tarnished the country’s reputation insofar as good governance and transparency are concerned and as seen on the international scene under Transparency International.

The country is seen as a corrupt nation and every time the PNP gets a chance to change this view, they stick to tradition and screw it all up.

The Prime Minister lacks the capacity to lead and I think the opposition today should start the process to move a no confidence vote against this Prime Minister, as she has lost the trust and confidence of the people of Jamaica.

While Dr Peter Phillips is struggling in his almost solo mission to bring credibility to the country, his fellow cabinet ministers and the Prime Minister are all working very hard to maintain the status quo and keep things just the way they are.

Peter I share your pain, I know what you are faced with and the lack of support you are getting from fellow cabinet members, but I am sure if you manage to turn things around everyone will be on the bandwagon like true waggonist.

The problem with Dr Phillps is, he cannot be a good PNP Prime Minister and be a good comrade at the same time, as these two positions are mutually exclusive.



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