Shameful display by the Prime Minister in the NHT affair.

The Prime Minister’s decision to keep the existing NHT board while appointing new members will go down as one of the most shameful act in Jamaica’s history.

The Prime Ministers weakness in this issue has defined her as one of the most incompetent leaders this country has ever seen and history will condemn her as one of the worst Prime Minister this country has ever seen.

The board decision earlier today, telegraphed the position of the weak Prime Minister and their refusal to resign gave the signal that Portia Simpson Miller is a not a real leader and must be removed from office come the next election.

Frankly I am ashamed of the actions of the Prime Minister. Seems the board is in charge and not this lackey leader


6 Responses

  1. at least she is consistent in her management style, , only a total change in political personell can save our country? and nothing short of violent protests will shake the thinking of the govt.Thats all they understand

  2. The PM should have fired the board. Not a wise political move. Same so Obama making mistakes in the U.S., so Portia a make some mistakes with the NHT

  3. Lackey? Is this a case of the kettle calling the pot black? The general public cares zero about NHT. Jamaicans have no care in the world about issues that are beyond issues that affect their daily lives. Now the true lackey Jay can resume the daily rants of the press releases from Belont Road. You Jay have ZERO credibility and will be ignored!

    • Wow,

      Amazing response. What gross disrespect for the Jamaican population.
      Is this the new modus operandi for comrades ?

      Press releases from Belmont rd, really now.

      I have more credibility that the sum total of all comrades.

    • You may want to read this and I fully endorse this move

      There are indications that the Government’s partnership with civil society groups is now under threat, following the Cabinet’s decision to retain the controversial board of the National Housing Trust (NHT).

      One of its Board members, Carol Narcisse, says the time has come for non-government members of the partnership, to reconsider their membership.

      Her views support those of another member, Horace Levy, who says he is outraged at the actions of the Cabinet to disregard the calls of civil society to axe the board.

      In 2013, the Prime Minister signed the Partnership for Transformation agreement, committing to social dialogue around issues critical to the development of the nation.

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