PNP Mayor Barnswell still refuses to resign after being criminally charged by the DPP

It is now well over a year since May Pen Mayor Mr Barnswell was criminally charged by the DPP for an offence as a public officer, yet the man continues to sit in that chair as if nothing happened. Why is it so difficult to get  members of the ruling party to do the right thing, when they are in any position, appointed or elected.

Here we have a public officer who has a criminal case (not civil) to answer and yet he continues to hold public office and is being paid by the Jamaican taxpayers.

Once again he happens to be PNP and like true PNP refuses to give up the post, which one would expect for someone who is facing a criminal offence by the Director of Public Prosecution.

I have once again show the actions of the PNP and the general attitude of its members while in office and once again urges the Jamaican public to stop and think on these things. Is this the way we can expect to be governed, where a someone can be criminally charged by the Government Chief Prosecutors yet continues to hold public office.

Shouldn’t the Jamaica public demand better ?

Its really sad to see what Jamaica has become and the funny thing is, at least 50% of the adult population does not seem to make a link between misconduct and a breakdown in the governance structure, which leads to economic ruination.

Can people not see the link between lack of economic development , general breakdown in law and order, when the PNP is ruining (running) the country.

Jamaica is going no where under the PNP.

I am sorry, I will take that back, Jamaica will continue to live in abject poverty under the PNP .


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