NHT contributors have lost confidence in current NHT board !

It is incomprehensible that the remaining members of the NHT have refused to resign after it has become clear, that their actions in the Outameni controversy was a betrayal of the trust of all contributors. The NHT board serve at the behest of the Prime Minister who serves at the behest of the people, which means the NHT board is accountable to its contributors ie the people of Jamaica !

The level of arrogance we hear from the remaining NHT board members, who are insisting they did nothing wrong, when the contributors, the people who put money into the funds says our monies were not spent appropriately is astounding.

If I was not convinced before, I am now convinced that those who remain on the board MUST pack their bags and go. It is inconceivable that such an incompetent board could at this point in time be seeking to appoint a Managing Director for the trust. Guys, we not longer trust a single one of you and we do not think you all have the requisite skills and or qualification to determine who should be the next Managing Director of the NHT.

I cannot believe the arrogance of the Prime Minister in refusing to act in dismissing the remnants of the NHT board and move with speed to select a new board that can restore trust and credibility to the operations of the governing body of the NHT.

If Jamaicans sit by and allow this to pass, then I can truly say the people in this country are spineless and this country will continue to suffer as it moves to becoming a truly failed state.


3 Responses

  1. I heard that Easton Douglas is an eminently qualified land surveyor. Would you think that he would be useful to have on any future NHT board ?

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