Board decision to buy Outameni was a Unanimous one, no dissenters – Lambert Brown.

Let’s examine Mr Browns assertions and the merits of what he had to say..

Mr Brown claims the board members who resigned participated in the vote when a decision was made to by Outameni.

According to Brown, none of the board members complained about the purchase at the time.

Mr Brown claims, there were no dissenting  voices, so those who have since resigned and are now calling the decision bad are akin to traitors.

The trade unionist further said any ex-NHT board member who is now criticising the fund is capitalising on unfair public criticisms.

“They [are] playing upon unjust concerns, unfair concerns about the price we paid for a valuable property in Trelawny. The public should be happy they (the ex-board members) resigned,” Brown said.

“They had a duty to raise all the issues, if any issue existed, over Outameni. They all agreed to the Outameni sale … every single one of them. This was in 2012, how come they just find their tongue?”

Mr Brown said former board member Dr Daway contribution on the board was very limited. Here are his exact word.

“I am therefore not disappointed and not surprised that Dr Daway, whose contributions on the board was very, very limited could be now saying now that the board was arrogant and reckless. I reject those allegations,” said Brown.

What is interesting was to hear current board member Mr Vincent Morrison in an interview with Cliff Hughes in Nationwide yesterday ( 11/19/2014)saying that Dr Daway was a very active member and participated in the general discussions at the board level. Now this is in start contrast to Lambert Brown who asserted above that Dr Daways contribution was very, very limited. Who do you believe .

Vincent Morrioson also said at the time when the purchase was being contemplated he was NOT aware of much of what is now in the media. He said he was not even aware that a NHT technical team had visit the site and said it was not suitable for housing development. Again compare this to Lambert Brown’s statement.

I will go further and draw on a claim made by Lambert Brown, when he said

“They had a duty to raise all the issues, if any issue existed, over Outameni. They all agreed to the Outameni sale … every single one of them. This was in 2012, how come they just find their tongue?

These are the notes from the Observer as to what took place in the NHT board room.

Some of the board members present had grave concerns about purchasing Outameni at the asking price, while others wanted to go ahead. Again, a decision was put off to await an independent valuation. Norma Breakenridge and Associates, chartered valuation surveyor and licensed real estate dealer, submitted its valuation for $280 million dated February 22, 2013.

Upon that, a vote was called. Of the nine members present, four voted for and four against. Douglas, the former housing minister, had the chairman’s casting vote. He voted ‘yes’.

This clearly shows discontent as of the nine member 4 OPPOSED and 4 AGREED. That was clearly a deadlock and a sign that half of the board was NOT in agreement with the sale.  The Chairman broke the deadlock with his yes vote. Yet according to Brown the ALL agreed every single one of them

Now given all the above, someone is a damn liar and I leave you to guess who that person is.

Jamaica, is this the kind of people who we want to be part of the leadership structure in Jamaica?

You all have a decision to make very soon.



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  1. Whose statement accord with the facts ?. Does the official minutes of the meeting reflect whether votes was unanimous or anybody dissent ?. be guided by the facts.

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