Audley says ” I did not know about DBJ/Outameni write off” ask Bruce

The more you dig the more bizarre the story gets.

Last night, Shaw explained that he was in the dark, because at the time, the DBJ was not under his portfolio but that of the Prime Minister Bruce Golding.

On Sunday, Shaw demanded that the Finance Minister Dr Peter Phillips provide answers on the write off, and on Tuesday, he tabled related questions in the Parliament for the Minister to answer.

Ops, so Shaw was also in the dark on this matter, which really was to have fallen under his ministry .

Lawd a massey, does anyone know what the hell is/was going on.


One Response

  1. This would be consistent with Shaw’s record as a “businessman”. Poor jlp!! Are we destined to change Govts by default or are we all willing to stop behaving as “Subjects”?

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