What is happening in Jamaica , is what we allow to happen

It is said, that what happens to us, is what we allow to happen to us and this is so true. Had we been a united country looking out for the interest of the populace, you could not have idiots being board members of public bodies and other elected idiots ruining ( not running) the country.

We get what we accept. We have accepted excuses and crap for explanation and that is what we continue to get .

No Prime Minister of any other country could come to parliament and speak the crap that Portia Simpson Miller spoke and got away with it.

No board members in in well run country could spend public money as its their own and then have the tenacity to say ” I will not resign”, when the public whose money they have wasted demands such resignations.

Its obvious the Jamaican population is to polarized that bad is good and good is bad, depending on which side of political fence you sit and Jamaica gets screwed in the process.

If we demand good governance and accountability and become very vociferous and united in our opposition to bad governance, the kind of crap we see today, would stop immediately.

What is happening in Jamaica today, is what we allow to happen and so let’s start accepting responsibility for the mess we are in and move to do something about it, NOW !

Enough is Enough !

United we stand divide we FAIL ( replacing this for FALL).

We are failing because……

Guess who is not failing….

The ones who we elected to office, they are all sitting pretty and living the life we would like to live, at our expense.

How come dem say Jamaicans smart, lawd we fool fool sah just fi politics !


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