NHT contributors must now play a role in the selection of the new NHT board

All remaining board members of the NHT are expected to resign shortly, but it should not stop there. They should be permanently barred from ever being board members on any public body in Jamaica from here going forward.

When the new NNT board is being put together, we would rather no union bosses  being appointed to this board, as it is clear that, they  ALL failed to provide proper oversight and act in the best interest of the contributors.

NHT manages funds paid by the worker as well as the employer and its a trust fund, yet there are no representative of the contributors(at least from the employees side) looking after and protecting the interest of all contributors.

The NHT act suggest the board can be no more than 17 members and no less than 9, but has operated at around 14 members in the past. I am not suggesting that we go to 17 members, however I am suggest that the contributors (companies and employees)  must make up no less than 35% of the board member sitting on the NHT board.

Any major investment decision by the board should have no less than 65% support of the board members via voting on any such resolution, to ensure that the grand mess that has occurred here is NEVER again repeated and POLITICAL HACKS do NOT HIJACK the operations of the board.


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  1. The lackey Puppet had no choice to to listen to the masters. What a sad day for Jamaica

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