Out a job, out a money, now outta affordable housing, thank you Senator !

There is one very vocal member of the NHT board, who has done as good a job as the PNP in wrecking this country and I was not surprised when he ended being a senator on the PNP side.

While other NHT board members who have since resigned have indicated the poor handling of the Outameni purchase, this very vocal individual is saying he is not weak and he will not be pressured into resigning and he stands by the foolish  decision to purchase the Outameni property.

The board we are told did not even know what was purchased, so how can someone with any business sense now come and tell the public he is standing by that stupid decision. It is the very same level of stupidity that existed in the 1990’s, which resulted in many multinationals fleeing this country and setting up business elsewhere as it was clear to them, that our so called defenders of the workers had no business sense and many had never run a real business.

The NHT board was made up of at least 5 union people (current and former) and their job was to protect the interest of the workers, but alas, not a single one of them did a damn thing to protect the interest of the workers.

The Jamaican workers need to therefore take a step back and ask, in what interest was the board member (union ones) acting if not in the interest of workers.

We know the senator has the enviable record of putting the most workers, out of money, out of a job and now by virtue of his position, out affordable housing.

Great going sir, job well done.


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