Is there trouble within the ranks of the PNP, I certainly think so ?

Never before have I seen such discord in the ranks of the PNP and such misinformation surrounding a single matter. ( Simple matter at that)

Normally, when the PNP is in hot water, they all sing from the same sheet and are consistent in their position when they speak. This sordid affair with the Outameni purchase is very different and I believe I know why.

PJ Patterson has always been the elder in the party, keeping things together and managing the situation, but what is emerging, suggest that PJ may no longer be calling the shots as he is used to.

In fact, I will suggest to you readers that PJ fired the first warning shot when he severely criticized the government (PNP) on the slow pace at which it was moving in relation to the ganja legislation.

One week later General Secretary Paul Burke fired off his own salvo on the very same issue, which in my mind was unlike the PNP in the past.

I have therefore summarized that all is not well within the party and things have begun to fall apart and the great organizer PJ Patterson, is not acting in his usual role, which is creating nothing but confusion within the party.

Another matter, which may have slipped you, but certainly did not slip commonsenseja, was the fact that the newly appointed Minister of Agriculture, made a change to the sugar importation regime without informing his other senior cabinet minister. We can confirm and Minister of Trade and Commerce Anthony Hylton was only made aware, when he heard it in the media. We can also confirm that the Minister of Finance, Dr Peter Phillips was also NOT consulted and was unaware until he too was contacted by the media to give a statement on the matter.

Readers, this is NOT the way the PNP operates and it is very clear to me that something has gone awry within the party and its about to fall to pieces unless PJ Patterson steps in and plays his usual role of organizer.

I urge main stream media to dig and see what they come up with as some people are willing to speak as long as they cannot be identified.



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