Former board member sights arrogance and recklessness at NHT, say outameni purchase was not a board decision.

Former National Housing Trust (NHT) board member Dr Davidson Daway, says the Outameni scandal rocking the trust was bound to happen because of the “arrogance and recklessness” of some board members.

Why am I not surprised at this accusation, I can tell this was the case when I listen to some of the idiotic comments from some board members including the one of those who has indicated he will NOT resign.

He says when the Outameni proposal came to board discussions, initially in December 2012, some members did not have much of an input, which, according to him, confirmed some of the ethical challenges facing the board.

“It came in the form of a report from the managing director at the time and there was some dissent to the idea, however, it was decided that the report should return back to a committee for prudent recommendation. I never saw it again.” he explained.

It has emerged that the NHT’s technical committee had indicated that the Outameni purchase could be out of the mandate of the trust but board chairman Easton Douglas reportedly indicated that the board had already made a decision.

However, Daway is now countering that assertion. “There wasn’t even a vote, it was a discussion. I am pretty surprised to be hearing of it [the Outameni purchase]. I cannot remember in any meeting where that [vote] was taken and I have been searching my notes and not found anything. We had a meeting in December and the next one was February and I attended both.

So Lambert Brown and Latouche must have been the only ones at the “board” meeting where the decision was made to purchase the ” Best Investment” ever. The tow board members who resigned just yesterday, says the were never a party to any such decision.

If what Dr Danway say is true, then it means there was no board decision to purchase the property and instead this was decision of the board Chairman, Mr Easton Douglas.

What a nasty scandal !

These board members remaining should be permanently barred from being board members of any other public body in Jamaica.


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