New twist, NHT did not buy land, it bought everything except intellectual property,

Over the weekend the NHT chairman said the info in the media of $18m per acre of outameni was was wrong and they actually paid $12m for the land.

This once again contradicts a statement by the Prime Minister in parliament, which said only land was bought.

Jah know star, I vex, vex how dem people tek man fi real ediat enu.–12-m–not–18-m-for-Outameni-lands–says-NHT-chairman


4 Responses

  1. Why are you taking stuff saying in the media over the facts stated in parliament. There is not one inch of FACT that disputes anything that the PM said.

    Don’t quote hearsay as facts. Refer to sales agreement and empirical data

    • The letter written by Lennie is hearsay ?
      The information in interviews by the Chairman is hearsay
      The statements by Lambert Brown is hearsay ?

      The “fact” as you call them (stated in parliament) came from the the same source as those mentioned above and does not make them any more believable.

      I have learn over time from my investigative skills, that when people don’t know where you are going with your line of questioning and where no threat is seen, you get the CORRECT answers the first time around.

      Once they recognize however. that you are heading in a particular direction, you tend to get responses that are not reflective of the truth.

      Its something you need to take note of. I have done many investigations and those are my findings.

      Very innocent sounding questions and you will be surprised at what you hear, but once the persons now knows your true intentions, everything changes.

      You should give it a try.

      Easton Douglas spoke the truth the first time around, the problem with Easton’s truth is there was a lie, but he was not aware of that lie.
      He honestly thought he had bought Outameni, lock , stock and barrel, that was the truth.

      The PM is the big liar here and if you open your eyes you will see why. The PM is pathologically mendacious and should RESIGN !

  2. Cull the board screw up big time, the PM screwed up also by repeating a lie and that she cannot blame on anyone but her own ignorance.

    Think man,

    How can the PM give the board instructions to operate the attraction for the benefit of local and tourist, if they only bought land. These are the “facts” she outline in parliament.

  3. Oh BTW cullcull did you see the valuation in the paper ( Jamaica Observer)

    The cost of the land was $12.739M !

    So tell us what “land” did the Prime Minister say was bought ?

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