NHT Managing Director fired for opposing Outameni deal

So now we have the real reason for the dismissal of former NHT managing director ,Cecile Watson. It appears that Mrs Watson was not fired because she spent $10m to refurbish the NHT offices, instead she appears to have been fired because she did not approve of NHT’s decision to purchase the Outameni lands for $180m.

The board of the NHT has therefore been feeding the public with crap all along.It has also now emerge that the Outameni lands purchase by the NHT cannot be used for housing. This claim was made by the former owner and operator Lennie White.

This latest revelation therefore raises serious questions about the statement from the Lambert “idiot”Brown statement that NHT purchase lands only for housing. Recall Lambert Brown had said in a television interview that a tvj reporter was an idiot, for not understanding the very same NHT purchase.
Now we know who the idiots are and we should move to ensure they do not go back to the NHT come Monday, November 17,2014!

The Prime Minister also has some questions to answer as she too has denied knowledge of the sale until October 2014,but based on what we are seeing ,that does not appear to be true.
Seems no one associated with the PNP can be relied on to speak the truth including our Prime Minister.

What a grand mess !
The board needs to be fired and the Prime Minister needs to pack her bags and go now !


15 Responses

  1. Check the facts !!!! the letter indicates that the PM did not know. The letter further confirms that the board did not tell the PM the full details. The facts also showed that the letter was not sent.

    The facts fully vindicate the PM.

  2. Let us not get the issues confused. The PM must fire the board immediately. The PM must also lead by example and remove herself from the ministry, because the ball has been dropped. to be true to the principle of delegation, you fire the responsible persons.

    The PM has been truthful her integrity is intact, which is a separate issue from the one of accountability in which heads must roll.

    • Cullcull, you must admit it, the Prime Minister could not have in the dark.
      I know for sure she was and guess what if she was not, she needs to be fired for not knowing.

      She integrity has been shattered and no one beleives anything she says anymore.

      Daryl Vaz gave her the perfect setup and you missed the message, so let’s share it with you.

      He said ” I have no reason to disbelieve the Prime Minister. She is our Prime Minister and even though she is on the other side, of she comes to Parliament and say xyz, I am going to believe what she says, after all she is the Prime Minister”.

      Read that about two or three times and you will see its a load message and not necessarily one giving support to the Prime Minister, which is the way you and many other thought.

      If the Prime Minister turns out to have lied about what she knew and when she knew it, then …..

      Daryl pulled a master stroke here, its for the PM now to try and regain what is left of her shattered integrity.

      She cannot fire the board, because she is just as culpable as they are and she had full knowledge of what they did or was doing.

      She said the gave the board instructions to make the place into a theme park for local and tourist alike and this was done within one week after learning about the sale in the media.

      Man, come on use up deductive skills, we must rely on our ability to think vs repeating the nonsense that is feed to us, that is the reason for going to school.

      Reasoning can become clouded if one looks at the who vs the what ie if you focus on the message vs the messenger its hard to get it wrong.

      Would your position have been the same had this been the JLP ?

      Now put the JLP where the PNP is and then frame your answer

  3. Deductive skills.. .speculation.. .what about facts. I would not hesitate in asking for her resignation if you show an iota of FACTS that she knew.

    her Integrity is beyond reproach on this matter…

    the management of the portfolio is another matter altogether… The board and the portfolio should be handed over to someone else

  4. cullCull, I see you want to defend the PM. Which is fine, you are right, there is no clear evidence that she was dishonest. But as minister in charge of the NHT, she doesn’t at least read the minutes of board meetings? Or have someone else read it to look out for red flags? Or even have a regularly scheduled meeting with the board chair? How could the board do something like this without her knowledge? From my perspective it actually would look better for her if it turns out she knew and was lying!

    • She has said basically, she delegates, she does not handle operational details. The PM does not concern herself with operational details. The board suppose to set policy and ensure that the executive carry out the operational details. if they fail, you fire them.

      • Who said anything about operational details?

        • Cullcull has sought so much to defend the indefensibe that he has completely missed the point.

          This was not operational details,this is a major investment by the NHT and I have no doubt the PM was aware.

          If she was not, then shame on her, if she was then she lied to us.

          Either way she has lost credibility.

        • kavan Gayle also said he was not aware of the operational details, and he was off the island when the meeting to hire was kept. he also said that he went back and read the minutes and then decide to resign. He said that Andrew Holness did not impact on him making the decision to resign.

        • Time for the Prime Minister to resign.

  5. cullCull… Let me just get something out of the way… Deciding to purchase Outameni is not an ‘operational detail’… This has nothing to do with how the NHT operates on a daily basis. (BTW, I think Gayle is probably also shading the truth. It’s not likely that they discussed and decided to buy it in just one meeting. Maybe he could say hi missed the vote but I don’t believe he didn’t know it was being considered).

    Look…Hiring and firing personnel, signing of on mortgages, talking with contractors building a scheme, making sure there are cups in the break room… these are ‘operational details’. Spending almost $300M is NOT operational detail! This is a major decision that only the board could approve and quite frankly should have had the minister’s approval to do it. They must have had to submit a budget for approval… you can’t hide $300M just like that.

    • Thank you,I could not have said it any better.

    • How to run it is operational detail. They know they had purchased it. Who and how it was being run and letters and proposals from Lenny Little White to win more contracts may be details for a technical sub committee. I always maintained that the board should resign, as the buck stops with them.

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