NHT should buy the Goodyear plant and name it the “Lambert Brown” Building

I think in honour of Lambert Brown’s contribution to manufacturing, the NHT should by the Goodyear Factory ( Land and Building) and rename the building  the “Lambert Brown” building.

The building stands to day as a testament to Mr Brown’s tireless contribution to the manufacturing sector in the 1990’s and the remnants he left behind during his rampage.

Since we are in the season of naming streets and building, I believe its time that Mr Brown be honoured with his own building.

I will therefore raise  motion in the next meeting in the St Thomas Parish Council in this regard.

Will anyone second my motion ?


2 Responses

  1. As I think about it more and more, it seems that comrades are the most destructive forces in Jamaica.

    When one look at how the senator decimated the manufacturing sector in Jamaica and is rewarded with a position in the upper house. How Dr Run wid it, decimated the Financial sector and business sector back in the 1990’s.

    How the prince moved wealth from the poor to the rich.
    How Mama P has made our lives a living hell.

    The beauty of it all is the poorest in the population, which are the worst affected fails to see or refused to acknowledge the destructive nature of this party and withdraw their support.

    What an amazing country.

    So while the PNP continues to ” flexi rape” the country and we are broke as a church mouse, we continue to support nonsense, while stretching out our hands overseas for remittances.

    They would never get a cent from me as I will not support mediocrity and wanton corruption and nepotism.

  2. I am now more than convinced that this man is insane !!
    Jamaica, what have you done ??

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