Little-White property Orange Grove put up for auction

Published: Friday | February 3, 2012

he 10-acre Orange Grove Great House property that is the centrepiece of the Outameni natural history attraction in Trelawny has been put up for sale by auction.

The property and great house are owned by Orange Valley Holdings Limited but the Outameni Experience attraction is separate from the landholdings, and is not included in the auction, and the business continues uninterrupted.

Orange Valley Holdings, which is principally owned by Lenbert Little-White and associated company Palm Productions Limited, has investments in film and video production, tourism and other enterprises.

Another of Little-White’s companies, Mediamix, was reinstituted as a shareholder in 2008, but it is unclear whether it still retains any ownership of Orange Valley. Other ordinary shareholders include Damali Little-White and Cheryl, while the company’s financier NIBJ holds a block of 32.5 million preference shares.

Little-White, Cheryl Ryman and Heather Little-White each own one-third share of Palm Productions, according to the latest annual returns.

It effectively gives Lennie Little-White the largest stake in Orange Valley Holdings. He is also manager of the Orange Grove property.


4 Responses

  1. So the NHT was bailing out the DBJ…?

    • I think that might be a very astute observation/question. Essentially, the NHT “direct Investment” is plugging another potential hole in another quasi-government entity. Was this done to shore up DBJ books, if the NHT funds were used to pay off debt owed to DBJ by Orange Valley Holdings/Productions.

      Maybe we are looking at a classic shell game in action and no one wants to make the game transparent to the public. So we are robbing Peter to pay Paul………….

  2. Further if you read carefully, the NHT board consummated the deal in December 2012 and did not know that the Outameni experience was NOT a part of Orange Valley Holdings Limited, even though this was public knowledge.

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