NHT “Out a money” , Cut in cash grants to low income contributor for housing!

The poor that so low the PNP will now see a cut in the benefits, they can expect to get from the NHT, with the fund planning to pay out only 50% of what it paid out last year in grants. The announcement was made in the parliament yesterday as she sought to give response to questions raised by the opposition on the NHT decision to purchase the Outameni attractions.

So this government , which claims it is for the poor has told us they paid $19m per acre for lands, but cannot afford to provide benefits to the poor and vulnerable among-st us, to assist them with purchasing their own homes, what brilliance from the Prime Minister and the NHT.

The poor are really being provided for by this administration and you know what is funny, they are so blinded by loyalty the cannot seem to see what is happening to them.

I cry for Jamaica and the poor and hope one day, we can get good leadership in this country and people can be educated to the point, where they can be in a position to make good decisions.


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