That controversial “Out a Money” Acquisition by the NHT

The Portia Simpson Miller administration is taking some heat for a purchase of the “Out a Money” ( Outameni) property that was purchased with  funds earmarked for housing development across Jamaica.

Since the PNP came into office in 2012 they have continued the reckless management of the country affairs from  where they left off in 2007. The NHT which incidentally falls under the remit of the Prime Minister has raided the coffers of the NHT at least three times.

  1. The PM allowed NHT to fund housing in her contingency of Majestic Gardens and along spanishtown rd, for her people, who will never be able to pay for and or upkeep these units. So NHT funds were used to support narrow political interest as Portia had nothing to show for over 40 yrs as the parliamentary representative of that area. Now she can proudly say, see a give unno free house.
  2. The NHT was raided to the tune of $45B to meet IMF requirement. How many homes could that have provided to contributors.
  3. Now the PNP chairman of the NHT choose to fork out nearly $300m to acquire and fix up the “Out a Money ” property and make it a ” In d money” property.

Its amazing the crap these guys can do and get away with it as the people of Jamaica ie the masses fails to make the connection between waste of public resources and their state of life ie their own economic welfare.

The JLP has done an equally poor job in making this link between waste of public funds and the qualkity of life and state of the various services in Jamaica,which has allowed the PNP to continue to ruin this country.

Until the masses decide that regardless of political affiliation, that enough is enough, we will continue to be “Out of Money” and those connected, will always be ” In the Money”.

Honestly I cannot wait to see the backs of these imbeciles


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