ARE Jamaicans resigned to failure and can anything push us to the tipping point ?

When people have resigned themselves to being a failure , they typically take no pride in what the do and whatever happens, its neither here no there.

If workers see a company failing, most are inclined to grab as much as they can before imminent failure vs trying to prevent the impending failure. For these folks nothing shakes them, they have come to accept their faith that nothing can change and therefore makes no attempt to make or force any kind of change.

The country is being ruined by the bad management practices of the current PNP administration and expect for the IMF program very few appears to be happening on the positive front.

The PNP has been known as a party that has never had or executed a plan for sustained growth in Jamaica despite being the only party in our history to run the country for 4 consecutive terms.

During that period, the financial sector, manufacturing and agriculture, all part of the engine of growth were decimated by the inept PNP administration and what is even more amazing is the people ( who I once thought were idiots) in our country gave them more and more time to complete the destruction.

I have come to realize that the people were not in fact idiots at all for making their decision, but instead their decision to keep the PNP was due to the party’s inability to manage properly. Invariable what happens during periods of bad management is that shenanigans ( badoolism / eat food) runs wild and many gain significantly from the absence of proper management of the country’s resources.

It is for this reason, why there were so many scandals when the PNP is in power at tremendous cost to the country. Its like the people say, put those who will ensure no checks and balances are in place so we can run rings around them and steal the lifeblood out of the country.

The PNP will continue to fail as long as they continue to exhibit poor management and makes very poor decisions and those who are most likely to steal, would have an interest in keeping the PNP in power as long as they can, given the significant benefits that can be accrued during this period of time.

If you notice, when the PNP is in power nothing and I mean nothing seems to be able to push Jamaicans over the edge, nothing can take place that will allow the people to say ok, we have had enough, you must change.

What people have instead resorted to is take as much as you can while you have the idiots mismanaging everything.

Jamaican like disorder, because order comes at a cost. There is no order in disorder and hence anything goes, making it very difficult to precisely determine what is working and what is not.

When we go to developed countries we see systems that works and if you follow the rules you can benefit, so most tend to comply. The very same individuals however do not want to see the very same rules being applied in Jamaica as ll that does is ” take way a man food”.

Disorder rules Jamaica.

Disorder marks every  PNP administration, they just don’t know any better.

Now the PNP is desperately attempting to shut down what they have supported for a long time , starting at the JUTC and one can see the major task they have.  It’s a good start and I hope the management keeps at it, because if we fail then this country will ultimately fail.

The fight with the PNP management at the JUTC with the many eat a food comrades they placed their themselves indeed a sign, that the mess you make at some stage, you will have to clean it up.


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