I am not surprised about AJ Nicholson’s comment and insincere apology !

It seems that most Jamaican either do not understand the people who are said to represent them or continues in live in denial, that we could ever has such uncouth persons representing us.

AJ NIcholson’s flexi rape comment , which was made in the senate last week and his insincere apology appears to have surprised many but not me, you could always tell he was an uncouth person, if you choose to carefully listen to him.

The PNP female members, including the Mayor of Kingston, who was in the senate at the time offered absolutely no reaction to AJ comments and his refusal to withdrawn the insensitive comments, he literally had to be begged to do so by the speaker of the house. That said it all for me, the message was loud and clear and was like this

AJ message ” Is just a likkle joke, why unno a tek it so serious, is just a likkle flexi rape comment ah nuh nuttin”

PNP females senators ” No big deal, the JLP a blow d ting outta proportion”.

For females to sit and pretend that nothing happened is really unbecoming of Angela Brown -Burke etal and they too need to apologize to all females in Jamaica for not standing  for women, instead of choosing to side with the party.

The Jamaican Prime Minister who happens to be female, must say something on this matter and it cannot be that AJ apologized to the cabinet, so that is the end of the matter.

Our Prime Minister has constantly spoken up for women and it would be remiss of her not to publicly address her most senior undiplomatic diplomatic in this regard.

Will she ?

Hell no that will never happen, its best to remain silent than to be critical or take action vs cabinet minister, so the PM will remain silent and allow this to blow over like the others before

If the PM is to make a statement it will be something like this

PM “ The honourable minister has apologized to myself and the entire cabinet, he has also issued a public apology on the matter. As far as I am concerned he has done what was need to be done and until he has done something terrible wrong , I see no need to take any further actions against the minister, he has the cabinet full support”


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  1. PSM is like see no evil, hear no evil and speak no evil. She has learned well from PJ Patterson.

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