Female PNP senators a let down to all females !

Angela Brown- Burke and the other females who were in the senate when AJ made his now infamous ” You want flexi rape” comment, must today hang there heads in shame. The PNP senators choose to stand with the party vs choosing to make a stand for ALL females in Jamaica.

Rape is a dastardly act typically with a male as the perpetrator against women and to believe that in the Jamaican parliament , a senator could make such a comment, which is not condemned by all females is really shocking but not surprising.

Jamaicans seems incapable of making a determination of right vs wrong and instead chooses to qualify and/or justify the position taken vs roundly condemning same.

Angela Brown -Burke etal would have been seen as heroines in Jamaica for taking a stand against male chauvinism . Given the fact that the comments  came from a member of their party, they would have been held up for taking a principled positioned on a very sensitive matter.

Mrs Bruke and her female compatriots refusal to condemn or speak up against the senators comments, clearly shows where there loyalty lies ie the party comes first regardless.

Jamaica can only be said to have a mature political system, when any member of any side can take a principled position on an issue where it is clear that one its members erred vs taking the side of wrong, which happens to be the supporting the member so involved.

Our political immaturity is part of the reason this country cannot move forward.

Mrs Burke Brown etal should all bow their heads in shame for refusing to stand up for females on Friday, Oct 31, 2014 !

Click image to view full size editorial cartoon

Courtesy : Jamaica Observer


One Response

  1. The PNP women’s movement belatedly issued a statement where they called the senators comments ” unfortunate”.

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