Major problems at prominent St Thomas High School

Commonsenseja has come across certain information to suggest that there are major issues surrounding a prominent High School in the eastern parish of St Thomas. The problem seems to surround the actions or lack thereof, of its recently installed principal, who is said to have a Doctorate in Theology.

Residents of the parish, the school community including teachers and the members of the school board, were left extremely embarrassed recently at the schools 5th form graduation.

The embarrassment surrounds the principals message, which was said to be riddled with errors and at the extreme end, it was reported that when a word could not be pronounced, it was spelled out to the those in attendance. It was at this point in time that folks became really taken aback and was shocked that  someone at this level could have done this at a public function.

It did not stop there however, as it was later revealed that names of teachers who were no longer working at the institution for as long as up to three years were recognized in this speech, which really was for teacher who are currently working at the institution. A few were able to recognize significant elements of the speech, which was later to found to have been plagiarized from speeches of past principals with very little variation.

We understand that the language be used to address students is of particular concern due to the crassness of the spoken words, which was said to be unbecoming of a principal of a premier educational institution.

We also understand that one parent was so upset about something that was said to her child by the principal, that she wrote a strongly worded letter to him on the matter. There are some other allegations that have been leveled against the principal but these are too serious to report at this time without conclusive written statements from those involved.

We understand the the disciplinary arm of the board is set to meet with the principal later this week to further discuss the allegations that have be made and which has been brought to their( the boards) attention.

Commonsenseja as you know, decided to go a bit further, to determine if there may have been some mischief on the part of those making the allegations, but low and behold, we found evidence of the same pattern of behaviour of the principal, which resulted in the Ministry of Education headed by Ronnie Thawaites launching an investigation into the school he was principal of in 2013.

The outcome of this probe is unknown, but what is known, is the problem appears to have  been transferred from that institution to the one in St Thomas.

When a prominent media personality, who happens to be a past student of the school can call repeatedly to get information on the performance of the school in the recent CSEC exam and is met with a wall silence, you know something is wrong.

Commonsenseja is urging the ministry to urgently investigate the allegations being made, some of which are very damning and ensure that this school is afforded the kind of leadership it is used to and deserves.

See the link below.–says-Thwaites_14077447


2 Responses

  1. More on this issue first highlughted by commonsenseja weeks ago.

    Teachers’ Complaints Force Probe Of Morant Bay High Principal

    A probe is now underway into the performance of principal of the St Thomas-based Morant Bay High School, Dr Dalton Shaw.

    Chairman of the school board, Reverend Everald Galbraith, says the probe became necessary following complaints by teachers.

  2. The Principal is back at school after being off for three weeks to allow for an investigation. The conduct of the principal have reached the ears of cisoca, so why is the gentleman back at school . So he can intimidate the boys who have made reports against him???

    WTF is going on in Jamaica ???

    Why has Ronnie Thwaites failed to make public the investigation he ordered into the conduct of this Principal while he was at Mineral Heights Primary.

    Who is looking after the interest of the students given the fact that the JTA was backing the principal in his recent hearing ????

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