Why is the Government passing all these IMF Tests ?

The IMF said last week that the performance of the PNP government under the 4 yr extended program is nothing short of miraculous and has encouraged the government to stay the course.

This government have not failed a single IMF test since the start of the program and does not intend to fail a single one, so  why is Jay not happy and why is he not congratulating the government. I am sure someone would say ” A bet u if dem did a fail the IMF test dem im would a b d first to knock them”.

The fact is the government have been given some benchmark albeit with extensions and fair is fair, they have achieved the benchmarks that have been set. So after grudgingly admitted that the GOJ has done well in relation to the set IMF, (which does not necessarily translated into economic benefit for the people, as we have seen from the poll results)  the question I ask, is why is the government passing all these test.

The answer is surprisingly simple, the government is being held ACCOUNTABLE by a small team based in Washington !

Now let’s us in a very simplistic way look at how this has been achieved.

  1. The government approaches the IMF and say we need support
  2. The IMF says put forward a credible plan, we will review and see if it meets our requirements.
  3. The government submits the plan, its reviewed and approved and the government is promised a set amount of funds over time as it meets very specific guidelines and a series of 16 quarterly test.
  4. So the IMF gives Jamaica very specific targets for each quarter over a 4 yr period.
  5. The government executes and  submits its performance reports to the IMF
  6. IMF reviews each report and gives a grade if pass you get money, if no pass no money.
  7. Government gets funding for each passing score.
  8. New targets are set, work is done, reports are submitted, reviewed and judgement is made.

So what the above points to is what is called ACCOUNTABILITY, if you say you are going do something, you do it and we will check to see if you did what you say you were going to do, when you said you were going to do it.

How does the Jamaica population addresses the matter of accountability ?

Well let’s examine the process of accountability from the Jamaican population. Its now 2015 and the political parties are jostling for political power.

  1. A manifesto is prepared ( let’s call this a credible plan like that for the IMF)
  2. The plan is unveiled  under much fanfare to the jubilant supporters.
  3. The manifesto is reviewed by political analyst and commentators and a few members of the population and given a passing grade.
  4. The party wins at the polls and the work begins.
  5. A budget is prepared which typically speaks to extracting more from the country along with a few promises.
  6. There are no quarterly reviews, there are no timelines where certain things must happen.
  7. There are no formal feedback mechanism in place for the government to provide info the people.
  8. Feedback when given are at the party’s annual conference where ” feel good things are mentioned”
  9. Where failure occurs , you hear nothing , we simply move unto to something else. The manifesto is thrown in the garbage and no one goes back to say you promised this and failed to deliver.
  10. The entire country fails and the only real review is the next election, when they are rewarded or dumped and the cycle repeats itself.

So the government pass the IMF test because those six or so people in Washington, holds the entire government accountable.

The adult voting population of about 1.6 million does not hold the government accountable to the “credible” plan they said they would have executed and the end result is there for all to see.

Nothing will change in this country until all us , supporters or not demand certain changes that will ensure that once our politicians are held accountable and where they fail the Prime Minister cannot save them.

Is Jamaica ready for this type of change ?


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