$4m spend to deport Abu Bakr is “chicken feed” says Robert Pickersgill

Robert Pickersgill has been one of the longest serving chairman of the PNP and of course a stalwart of that party. This man at the same time has been one of the most ineffective and inept politician and one who I often term as a perennial non-performer.

In the house on Tuesday, during the response to the howls of protest on the expensive deportation of Abu Bakr, Robert Pickersgill quipped that the $4m spent on the deportation was “chicken feed”

Robert, while $4m to you is chicken feed, do you know how many of your “chickens” did not eat on the very day Abu was flown back to Trinidad

I would like for you to provide some “chicken feed ” by the end of today to do the following:

  1. Acquisition of at least one 1000 Gallon water tank for all schools severely affected by drought 20 schools x 70,000 = $1,400,000
  2. Equip the Mandeville Regional Hospital with at least 6 sets of Hazmat suits for our Ebola  preparation ( I hear a Dr attended to suspect case in rain coat, water boot and dusk mask). Each suit cost US$1,700 . Total cost $1.14m
  3. Purchase another 20 Infrared thermometer for use at our airports. 20 x $30,000 = $600,000
  4. Purchase of a few (6 each ) Waste Containers for the KPH & UHWI  US$50 each = $67,000

Total cost $3.2m of chicken feed. with $800,000 remaining to get some additional stuff

That is all I am asking of your Mr Picker-gill and we would like that those purchase orders issued by the end of the day today. October 23. 2014

Thanks in advance for some chicken feed to help our kids in schools and protecting and safe guarding the nation from a clear and present danger poised by the Ebola threat.

Yours respectfully

Concerned Jamaican

Jay Brown.


Abu Bakr in handcuff at NMIA


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