Government charters flight to take home Trinidadian terrorist !

The PNP government and its operatives are ow the laughing stock of the Caribbean today, after it was revealed that these idiots chartered a private jet to send home a terrorist being deported from Jamaica.

Now Abu Bakr had arrived in the country the previous day and was refused landing rights, due to his radical nature. He was placed on the return flight back to Trinidad , but refused to be seated in economy class. He was then removed from the plane and taken into custody

In most other country that was being well managed, this man would have been arrested and charged under some kind of act and booked for a court appearance after which he would have been forcibly removed..

No such thing in Jamaica as one way ticket, which cost about US$300 for Abu Bakr ended up costing the people of Jamaica US$36,000 as our idiots choose to send the man home in style via a chartered jet.

The person at the Minister of National Security who made the decision as well as the Minister of National Security should be fired for stupidity.

When Jamaicans land in Trinidad and are  refused entry to Trinidad, they are forced to sleep on floors, no food or water and are they bundled on a flight and shipped back to Jamaica, Should they dare to become boisterous, the law would take its course.

The PNP government by its action once again, shows a clear disregard for the people of this country in the handling of the country;s affairs and money, but doing this rather stupid acr.

The PNP by its actions once again has reinforced by belief that they are the best party to ruin Jamaica.

What a bunch of idiots !


5 Responses

  1. I agree that it was a stupid way to handle the situation. They should have gagged, complete bound him and place him on a flight back to Trinidad, IF he was such a threat to our national security. The cheaper approach, I think, would have been to let him in and let him stay for the few days. Then we wouldn’t have incurred any cost associated with his aborted visit.

    Of course I disagree with your last sentence and it highlights your fascination with the PNP and your fondness with politicizing every event that hits the public domain. You even claim you had ChikV when you and I know that wasn’t the case. 🙂

  2. Bakr praised all those who dealt with him during his confinement at the airport in Jamaica—the inspector of police, a female superintendent and Trinidad and Tobago’s high commissioner in Jamaica Dr Iva Gloudon—whom he described as his answered prayer.

    He said Gloudon sprang into action and ensured he was able to make a phone call, had food and health care and was comfortable.

    Bakr said the high commissioner also gave him sugar cane and chocolates.

    He said further that he felt “like a Prime Minister” on his return to Trinidad on the US$36,000 private jet flight.

    Proof that we are the laughing stock of the Caribbean, The man said he felt like Prime Minister.

    I am angry as hell !

  3. This is someone who likes attention. For every second that we have him in Jamaica he would be making headlines. Direct flights to Trinidad are not like Miami. It was a costly decision but he could not remain here for the weekend with the planned activities.
    Get it over with ASAP and move on.

    • Guest, let me educate you a bit about Caribbean Airlines flight and protocol to deal with a disruptive passenger.

      CAL have flights every day from Trinidad to Jamaica..

      Routes are as follows.

      Kingston to POS direct twice per week Tuesdays and Thursdays
      Kingston – Antigua- Barbados – POS once per week , Sundays and Fridays
      Kingston – St Maarten – Barbados- POS – Jama three times per week. Monday, Wednesday and Saturdays

      Typically the flights gets into Kingston at about 12:30pm daily and leave around 2pm returning to Trinidad.

      So as you can see, there are enough flight that Abu could have been accommodated on at little or no cost to the tax payers of Jamaica

      Now to the issue of the protocol when one disrupts a airline flight.
      You get your a$$ dragged from the airline, you are arrested, charged and hurriedly brought before the courts.

      Once found guilty( 99% they are guilty), you are ordered deported.

      You handcuff him and straps is a$$ to his seat accompanied by Jamaica security agents ( military if required) and deposited back in Port Of Spain.

      That my guest is how you address a matter of this nature, which we consider to be a one of National Security.

      We must stop finding excuses for our government when they screw up and at the same time we must educate ourselves on these matters.

      The Government screwed up royally , end of story !

      • There are some people in this world that you don’t give them 1 minute or any ammunition. Look at the game he is playing with T&T now while playing nice guy to Jamaica.
        He and others could not have been allowed to congregate in Jamaica. T&T already gave you a hint, three people were deported, not ONE! (and I’m not talking about wife and son).
        The next direct flight was too far away and he was making sure his departure was delayed.
        I say deport him like hot bread and forget about him, our media does not know what they are doing keeping his story alive.

        Finally. as Minister of Nat. Security, you would put this man on one of those mini-planes, island hoping to Trinidad? Too many loose ends. Once the plane lands he is in another jurisdiction. Once the pilot refuses to take him, you are back to square one, renting a plane. Do the detention thing with a drug dealer, not with people who need attention. I’m no fan of the Minister, but I don’t mess around with people like this.

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