Abu Bakr – I felt like the Prime Minister, after return flight to Trinidad

This is proof that we are the laughing stock of the Caribbean and also proof we lack leadership

Bakr praised all those who dealt with him during his confinement at the airport in Jamaica—the inspector of police, a female superintendent and Trinidad and Tobago’s high commissioner in Jamaica Dr Iva Gloudon—whom he described as his answered prayer.

He said Gloudon sprang into action and ensured he was able to make a phone call, had food and health care and was comfortable.

Bakr said the high commissioner also gave him sugar cane and chocolates.

He said further that he felt “like a Prime Minister” on his return to Trinidad on the US$36,000 private jet flight.


AJ Nicholson must now feel like a real idiot !


2 Responses

  1. Why would A.J. Nicholson feel like an idiot?
    Leaders take decisions everyday. If they weighted public opinion on every matter, they would never make any sound decisions.
    We enjoy the role of critic without any responsibility. Easiest job in the World
    He attempted to overthrow an elected government, that’s good enough for me to make him persona-non-grata.

    • No issue not allowing access to Jamaica. Big issue using $4m to deport him. Let’s make a clear distinction between the two events.

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