Chikv was a mock exam and we failed miserably, why ?

Over time I have learned a number of lessons and I often move to share what I have learned with others, so they don’t have to begin at ground zero, thus allowing them to get to the point of authority much faster.

After any major project or event, I gather my team and conduct what I will call here a post mortem or a review of what just took place. During that brian storming session we look at the following.

  1. What went right and why
  2. How can we use what went right to develop best practice for future projects.
  3. What went wrong and why ?
  4. What did we miss and why?
  5. What assumptions did we make that were not so right and how can we make better predictions in the future.
  6. What were the areas that kinda went ok, but could have been better.
  7. What did we miss, but no one noticed and how can we make sure that we do not miss these the next time around.

We then go through the brain storming session and jot down everything that comes to mind, there are no right or wrong answer to the above questions, its really just a brain dump.

The next part of the exercise is to dig into each comment, test its merit and finally overtime come up with solid answers to the various questions.

These are all document and shared and used as template and guide to our response to future projects/developments.

Can the Ministry of Health lead by Dr Fenton Ferguson and now the Prime Minister, tell the public even as we strengthen our fight against chikv, that meetings have been held and questions posed and answered along the lines of what I have outlined above ?

In my world and the world of many people like myself, we know you cannot fix a problem unless you understand that problem. You only have truly fixed that problem, when you can prove that the causal effects are no longer present or your response to the issue is of such, that if something should occur their are verifiable steps in place to control the issue.

I stand corrected here, but I believe that this is the first major public health issue since the PNP has been in power between 1972 and now( again I stand corrected). The substantive point I am making however is the response has been a gigantic failure and is on that simply cannot be allowed with the deadly ebola virus.

The underlying issues are exactly the same ie the conditions that have allowed the spread of chikv have not changed on bit and even that Jamaica House meeting where politicians and both sides of the house have praised , have  achieved nothing in my mind. It was a grand PR moment for sure and would want to give the impression that something was or is being done, but I will come to that in another post.

We still have a chance at correcting a number of the underlying issues, but if the Jamaican people sit on their collectively asses and do nothing, then that is exactly what we will get NOTHING !


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