Chikv conversation highlights the “classisim” in Jamaica

At the onset of the Chikv outbreak the conversation went along these lines.

” The chikv epidemic is a result of the unsanitary environment in around the areas that these folks live and they must accept responsibility for their own actions. They do not clean up their environment, they throw garabage in the gullies, on the side of the road, in the rivers in the open lots and its no wonder, why these inner city communities are hardest hit by chikv.

The fact that the NSWMA is not moving to with haste to clean up garbage is not a factor as the mosquito that transmit chikv is found in stagnant water in and around where people live and not in gullies, drains etc

If people fail to clean up their immediate surroundings and remove  old cans, tyres, clean flower pot etc, we could get this thing under control., but those nasty folks expect the government to come and clean up their back yards for them”.

As the Chikv started to spread and started taking out people of influence, politicians and some big business men who happens to live in upper St Andrew the sentiments began to shift and the conversation began to sound like this.,

I am not so sure about the mosquito thing, I live in upper St Andrew and I have no stagnant water around, no mounds of garbage no old tires nothing of the sort and my environment is clean. I cannot recall being bitten by any mosquito as I apply off 3 times per day, my house has mosquito mesh and I sleep under mesh.

The fact that I have done all this and  I and  other members of my household and other friends have come down with this sickness suggest something is not quiet right.

This is the same mosquito that carries dengue, and while dengue is endemic to Jamaica, why are we not seeing a spread of dengue at rate we are seeing with chikv. Is it that the mosquitoes decide it easier to spread chikv than dengue. I know it may sound like I am questioning the authorities, but something does not add up.

The current response to the Chikv outbreak is what we should have had from the very onset, but the fact is that those with influence, were of the belief that this sickness was largely due to the very poor sanitary practice of poor people and those living in cramped environments and so largely ignored the problem as a  nasty poor people issue.

They only began take notice when large sections of the country started getting ill and took on an even greater level of urgency when “society people” started becoming sick, which blew the perception that this was a poor nasty people sickness, given they did not fall into that class.

The approach to public health issues in Jamaica has always been like this. No rich guy, no politician, no one living in upper St Andrew will die on the floor of the Kingston Public Hospital or any hospital across Jamaica for that matte,r due to lack of medical attention after waiting for 12 hrs .

These public health issues are clear reminders of the problems facing the health sector and the message to the people of Jamaica is clear.

“Demand action now from your elected representative and the Government of Jamaica. Chikv has shown up the inadequacy of the system and  is really  a mock exam to test out preparedness for what may be looming out there. If we continue to hold the believe that it is only poor people that gets these illness and so we the more fortunate are in the clear, then you are in denial”.

The poor are the most vulnerable , yet they make the least demand of their favourite politicians.


5 Responses

  1. This is so true.

  2. The current response to the Chikv outbreak is what we should have had from the very onset,

    I confused’ totally lost. You are now in support of the current response by the GOJ? I thought you said in another thread that the response was just work for comrades to shore up their base and win votes. Do you care to clarify what your true position is?

    • Tek d likke credit fi u party nuh man and stop complain.
      We have to push the PNP go do their job and like a little child, we have to pat them on the back for doing what they are being paid to do.

      Sad, but its how we like to see Jamaica run. Plus it will restore the PM bruised ego after the Bill Johnson poll battering.

      • You talk about the need for the JLP of having the right PR mechanism in place. I don’t think they have to look very far to find the most qualified person on earth to head up that PR machine. They don’t come any better than Jay. Just when you think you have him where you want him, he finds a way to worm his way out of a tight situation.

        I guess you will not provide a direct answer to the contradictory comments you have made? I know, it is very difficult to keep track of your every changing position. I think you would make a great politician. Luckily for us Comrades, you will be in all likelihood, be on the opposite side of the truth and be will call into action by the JLP. Are you ready?

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