JLP will have a hard time should they win the next elections

The JLP must be now breathing a collective sigh of relief, that despite being less than a vocal opposition, the PNP has done enough in just over 2.5 yrs to destroy the hopes and expectations of the people, thus placing the JLP in a favourable position.

The JLP must by now be aware that the public sector workers will be their most difficult challenge and one that will give the party nothing but hell should they form the next government.

Public sector workers have not been given a pay increase in over 5 years and by the time the PNP is finally removed from power, these workers would have waited almost 7 years without a salary hike.

The economy when the PNP finally leaves office, will NOT be in a position to pay any substantial or possibly no salary increases at all, which will make for a rather interesting situation.

The public sector unions are mainly PNP affiliate and will NOT negotiate and or work with the JLP as it did with the PNP, which makes for a very uncomfortable position, for the JLP at that point in time. The PNP on the other hand will be agitating for the workers to get an increase while stating  the position that they have not been given one in 7 years and the government is wicked and uncaring.

We all know that the PNP have spent the last few years stuffing the public sector with its operatives , who are awarded public sector jobs, not on the basis of their competence and/or experience, but simply on the basis of political allegiance.

The JLP will no doubt need to rid the public sector of many of these people, who choose to serve party over country and would choose to sabotage the efforts of the government in the hopes that their beloved PNP would one day soon be returned to power.

The above is NOT a figment of my imagination, its a clear and present danger, that the JLP must recognize and address in a forthright manner, while not seeming to operate on the basis of political victimization. This process is going to be very challenging, given the known position of the public sector unions as surrogates of the PNP.

The JLP does not have the level of UWI, UTECH ,Union and public support as does the PNP. In addition to this, the party is seen by many as being unsympthathic to the needs of the people and being cold, choosing to focus on economic reality, while hoping that this process of wealth creation will eventually reach the people.

The JLP simply cannot use this strategy the next time around. In addition to this they cannot before winning telegraph the position that there will have to be massive layoffs in the public sector even though that will have to be a reality.

The JLP therefore needs to start the process of building a strategy that will gain the trust of the public, so when these changes are being made, the PNP and its apologist would have been long  diffused and would not be in  a position to create the kind of havoc and destabilizing effect, they manage to pull off between 2007 -2011.

Instead of beginning the process to jostle for position within the party from now given the favourable position they have found themselves in, the party needs to begin the process of creating a united front, focusing on preparing the party to lead Jamaica. Should the party instead choose to begin fighting amongst itself having sensed that the tide is shifting, they could very well turn off the public and despite the desire to dump the PNP, would choose to stay away once again, leaving the lumpen diehard PNP voters to take home the bacon once again.


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  1. To the writer who sent the email .

    No sir these post are not being generated from Belmont rd.
    Why can’t people have their own opinion and position based on facts, data and all that is taking place around us.

    Someone even asked if I am clovis, related to clovis and why my post so often appear to reflect his position of even that which emnates from Belmont rd.

    May I offer the posit that like others, they occasionally tune into the blog like they do any other social media outlet.

    • The post themselves might not be generated at Belmont Road, but their press releases for “your eyes only” is certainly the genesis of these threads. I have requested many times for proof of the contrary and you just ignore me, which defaults to a tacit acknowledgment of the fact that you are indeed a puppet for that organization. How do I know this? Well, anyone with a pseudo-scientific background would not commit themselves to say the things you say on a continual basis or form conclusions from out of thin air, knowing they are opening themselves up to ridicule or be discredited with minimal effort. The source is obviously coming from the brain-dead Labourites that resides at 20 Belmont Road! 😀

  2. LMAO. Now Jay is planning the JLP cabinet all because of a poll of 1300 Jamaicans. Wow, how naive can one be. 1300 Jamaicans doesn’t translate one-to-one into 1300 likely voters or even registered voters. Hanging ones hat and project election results two years in advance, shows the degree of labourites acts of desperation. Poor Jay, do you really think the JLP can win the next election? Keep on dreaming my labourite friend or is that your euphoria is a direct a result of your recent bout of self-diagnosis Chik-V virus?

    If I were in your shoes, I would start planning your exit strategy and dust off your JLP issued Diplomatic Passport before its too late. I wouldn’t want to lose such a source of comic relief, should you decide to implode when the 2016 election results are announced/projected the night of the election. You are so self absorbed with your predicting skills that you can’t see the forest for the trees.

    • Even with Chikv Jay’s reasoning ability is far superior to many comrades even on this blog.

      What is a scientific poll and how are the results interpreted.?
      Its a representative sample collected in a manner by the pollster to give a general idea of the the general population from where the sample is being collected.

      While no pollster would say it is 100% accurate, they would have refined their methodology is such a manner that the sample size and the results provides a good representation of the issues being examined.

      My friend its used all over the world, its never 100% correct hence the 3-4% margin of error but its generally accepted.

      Had the results been the other way around I am sure Jay would have been asked to keep quiet as despite his shouting the polls are suggesting the people support the PNP’s policies .

      If you accept that scientific polls are generally a good reflection of pubnlic sentiments, then you simply cannot dismiss those that fails to show your party in a bad light.

      By the way have you seen the internal polls done by noted Pollster Don Anderson. Word is the results are the same if not more worrying that those of Bill Johnson.

      The PNP has taken note of the polls and have begun to act , just in case you missed it.

      Portia is being repackaged and is being now presented to the people as a leader in charge.

      I am sure you would have missed that, but not Jay, Chikv came and went, but the mental capacity remains as strong as it was.

      As I said above, the JLP must use this period when the PNP is down to rebuild itself and put itself in a position to first damage the PNP ego come local government elections and then take it from there.

      The only people to exit the Jamaica, will be the brain dead PNP who have strategy,except how to trick the people and win an election.

      • You say your reasoning ability is far superior to Comrades yet you fail miserably to grasp basic concepts as outlined in my post. The same pollsters you mentioned had the PNP with a SLIM lead over the JLP six days before the December 29, 2011 election. This projected slim lead 6-days later, had the PNP winning the election by a landslide, winning 66% of the available seats (42 to 21). Talk about 3-4% margin of error and a scientific poll. One could question these scientific polls which yields results way (2x) outside of the margin of error, depending on the who the pollster is.

        The voter turnout for that election was just under 53% (52.8%). That is, 47% of the registered voters failed to show up at the polls. So, a pollster sampling the general population without regard to whether the members of this sample are registered voters, likely voters (based on their participation in X number of past general elections or likely to vote in the next general election) will yield bogus results, as we saw in the lead up to the 2011 election. Again, the popular vote was 463,232 (PNP) vs 405,234 (JLP), a ~7% difference, whith a 2 to 1 margin in seats won by the PNP.

        I will not attempt to address those voters whose votes are available to the highest bidder. In fact, I refer you to the comments you made when Audley Shaw (the person you picked to win that race) lost in the leadership race, despite polls showing him as the person set to win that race. Do you want me to find your exact quote, since it speaks volumes about your unpredictability/fluidity in addressing statistical matters. 😀 When I the time, I’m going to find that quote of yours. It had that ring of someone who knows what they are talking about.

        Bottom line: you are totally outside your comfort zone when talking about data analysis and prone to these useless rhetorical flourishes resulting in an unrestrained emotional outburst.

        • Still fail to address the fact that the PNP own internal poll shows the very results as Bill Johnson poll. In fact so worried is the PNP by the findings of both polls that they have put together an action plan to address the slide in its fortunes. Unlike your reasoning, they have figure out that the numbers are a good indicator of where they are and are attempting to takes steps to fix the perceived problem.
          Mama p has woken up and is now beginning to lead, which is something she has failed to do for almost three years.

          Dang the polls must be wrong for the PM to make such moves at this time. Hmm

        • O.K. Jay, why don’t you share with us the specifics of the internal PNP poll? If you do not have the numbers at your fingertips, could you provide a link to the results of that poll so that we can peruse the numbers or read the conclusions formed by the experts? The same request applies to the action plan that was generated by the PNP to address the poll results.

          Jay, I know you have the information and will supply the results in record time. Don’t disappoint me now!

        • Go ask the PNP 🙂

        • Hehehehe, “guh ask the PNP”. Great! You are so predictable when you are not being unpredictable. What it boils down to is you are not privy to the results of ANY Internal PNP poll (if there was even one conducted recently) and subsequent action plan that might have been put in place to address the concerns coming out of that process.

          Once again, when cornered, you end up looking foolish. I’m surprised you did not resort to your normal course of action, which is to ignore-ignore-ignore, when backed into a corner and asked to provide proof or to defend some moronic statement of yours.

          I can hear Lipton breathing heavily in the background, as he struggles to come up with some feeble comeback to aid is fellow Labourite or make some request for me to leave the blog. 😦

  3. I am giving the comrades response just in case you missed it. When Portia is asked a question related to the operations of the party, the party leaders tells us go ask the PNP.

    In your case you are a comrade, so simply send a email to Raymond Pryce a few details on yourself make sure to identify yourself as a comrade and who is your political representative. Let him know you want to see the results for yourself as Jay is out there telling the world that the PNP is in trouble based on its own polls.

    Knowing the PNP they may still not share that information with you as like a cat the PNP likes to cover its mess, so the general public and even its own is not aware of what is going on.

    I don’t need to be convinced any further beyond the information that I have at my disposal, you however needs to be and therefore must man up and go get the information you want to see to become a believer.

    Its ironic how comrades when faced with bad news want other to provide proof , but when the news is good and with no proof they were is like a medal around their necks.

    Like it or not Jay will continue to show up the PNP for what it really is as well as its band of supporters who follow blindly along as the party leads them to the plank.

    After over 21 years of almost unbroken power play, the PNP has failed to get this country moving, what a darned shamed.

    What is even more shameful is out continued support for them while begging others for money to stray alive.

    We are a shameful bunch ! ( At least that how others see us).

    I could NEVER defend a party that has set out to make my life a living hell and has been successful in doing so. How others do it is beyond by ability to comprehend.

  4. Once again I was proven right, the JLP did win two years later

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