Jamaica would have been the jewel of the Caribbean had it not been for the PNP !

The damage that has been done to Jamaica’s economy and image by the PNP between 1989 and now is beyond comprehension.

The damage that Jamaicans have allowed to take place as a result of the PNP is beyond human comprehension.

Had it not been for the PNP, Jamaica would have been a fully developed country by now, with robust economic growth, low crime, high level of education, low levels of unemployment and little of no ghettos. Our experiment with the PNP under different leaders has been so horrific, it will take at least 15 years of the PNP in opposition to get this country back on its feet.

The PNP over the last 25 years or so have found a way to mismanagement everything including mismanagement and I continued to be baffled as to why Jamaicans continue to waste their vote on a party, that could never and still can never move this country forward.

We have lost an entire generation under failed PNP leadership and even our once glorified position in the region and are now close to be labelled the pariah  of the region, running from here to all the other little islands in the hope of cashing on on their economic prosperity while still foolishly voting for more of the same in Jamaica.

The PNP have gone has far as to take away whatever little dignity we have left, so much so, that when we travel and approach immigration anywhere in the world and take out our now “almost worthless” passport, we smile and hope that the immigration official place a  stamp in it allowing us free passage vs turning us back. As we leave the immigration hall, we are all smiles as we have just passed the first test and hopefully customs will also allow us in.

How can a people act so foolishly to continue doing what they have always done, when its clear the results they will get is what they would have always been getting ie hardship pain and suffering. The most unfortunate about all of this is, these are the very ones with the least opportunity to leave and even when they manage to get enough money to buy a plane ticket, they risk being sent back home due to lack of funds.

Jamaica is paying dearly for its past mistakes and we will continue to do so for sometime to come, however we can make it if we make a effort to keep the PNP away from the seat of power long enough for the country to recover, by which time  the party would have developed the requisite management skills to address Jamaicans situation.


I see the Prime Minister desperately trying to create a new imagine, a new persona, by attempting to take charge of the government, but unfortunately she happens to be 3 years late, having  spent most of that time in hiding from the media and the public.


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