Audley Shaw was right, PNP is failing the people’s test and badly !

The last two weeks have been nothing but sheer disaster for the Portia Simpson Miller led PNP administration, with one blow after another coming from the latest Gleaner commissioned Bill Johnson polls.

Each newly published polls results show a cataclysmic fall from grace by the PNP in almost every area of Jamaican life, with even the Prime Minister herself losing her most popular leader title, something which we have not seen for the past 20 years.

The PNP battery of apologist and spin doctors appears helpless at this time to help out the party, as the information is coming too fast and furious and social media has been able to decipher and make their own judgement of the information and in so doing lower the influence of these apologist.

The facts are , the people of Jamaica have had enough of the talk of love for the poor, they are simply tired of the poverty and hardship brought on by the PNP and the new health risk as a result of the Chikv spread caused by a government that failed to act when it should and the fact that Chikv is now not considered to be one that only attacks the poor.

I have long said the PNP was always a failure and would continue to fail the people of Jamaica, but those who choose to live in denial sought to paint the writer as an apologist for the opposition and ant-pnp. Now that the numbers are out, they have chosen to lap their tail between their legs and run for cover, as their world has been turned upside down and the lies have been blown wide open for everyone to see.

The PNP led by Portia Simpson Miller sought to bluff its way through the five years it was given to lead, but have found that no amount of spin can made the very bad situation better, because people are hurting. The lame duck Prime Minister spent the better part of 3 years hiding, hoping that by doing so, she would not suffer any long term effect of the policies of her administration, but this time it failed to work.

No one wants to hear from the Prime Minister now, she wasted all her political capital hiding and now having been exposed, she wants to come out of hiding to speak to the people, but we are not prepared to listen to her at this time.

The PNP have once again failed the Jamaican people and I hope that finally they will be kept out of office for at least the next 15 years, to give the country a chance to finally grow and the party hopefully would have gotten rid of all the deadwood that is currently their refreshes itself and try to make itself a party that not only can win elections, but can also perform.

Jamaica needs some breathing space and hopefully the people will first reject the PNP at the local government polls before kicking them out of office come the next general elections. We must not allow $10,000 and some curry goat to once again set this country back by a vote for the PNP. Instead we need to all turn out in our numbers despite our ambivalence to the electoral process and reject the PNP sending the party out of office and away from power for at least 15 years.


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  1. i could not have said it any better, i hope the jamaican citizen will stop worrying about not wanting to vote in the jlp opposition but to concentrate their efforts on sending the pnp into opposition to hopefully renew themselves. And yes 15 yrs sounds about right

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