Where is the Hollywood style movie house at Goodyear facility !

When a minister speaks in parliament, does the nation listen to what he says and if they do, why do we fail to hold these guys accountable.

Its May 22, 2014 and I wrote the following

Yesterday in his sectoral debate the Minister with responsibility for Investment and Trade made some big announcement in terms of multi-billion dollar plans for logistics hub,a new Caymanas Enterprise Team , which will be headed by none other that “Mr Can do it all “, Dr Vin Lawrence and plans for a “Follywood” style movie studio in St Thomas.

Now being very familiar and having more than a passing interest in this particular facility I pay very keen attention to any plans that have been put on the table for this area and so  Anthony Hylton’s statement peaked my interest.


I passed the factory two days ago and the only activities I say was goats feeding on very tall grass and they were not acting, they were eating.

Minister Anthony Hylton should be called on to explain what is really going on here.

Will he be called out?

Only by Jay, no one else will .

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