Portia Sinking according to the latest Bill Johnson’s poll !

I have been told that I am a JLP paid blogger, I am said to have a JLP issue diplomatic passport, I am said to be PR person for the opposition and that I have been nothing but negative about Jamaica and the PNP since Dec 2011.

I make no apologies for questioning the capacity of the Prime Minister to lead this country nor will I make any apology for my unfavourable  comments about the capacity of the PNP to rescue Jamaica, from the precipitous slide the country has been placed by by over 5 periods totaling 21 years of PNP mismanagement of the affairs of the country.

My comments over the last 2 years, were not based on any scientific evidence but on my open abilities to keep my ears close to the ground and listen to the voice of the people. I have many interactions and have posted many of them on these blogs, but people have chosen to ignore the message and instead chosen to focus on the messenger and trying to discredit him in the process.

The last two weekends have been a wake up call for the PNP and its apologists and despite attempts to try and spin the information, that attempt is obviously gaining no traction and it now appears that the PNP is desperately attempting to try and come to terms, with the findings of the Gleaner commissioned Bill Johnson polls and its own internal polls done by Don Anderson.

The latest Bill Johnson Poll which was published in today’s gleaner (Monday, Oct 13, 2014) shows that people have finally been able to separate the PNP leader from herself and she has been found wanting.  The polls are reporting that for the first time in 20 years, the poor peoples champion is does not have a favourable rating, which spells disaster for a leader, which has nothing substantial to show for her over 40 years  in politics expect her popularity.

With that plucked from her, the Prime Minister now has NOTHING to lean unto, given that this was the only thing keeping her where she was.

Her handles and even her were all lead to believe that by not speaking to the media and by extension the people of Jamaica, she would not ” talk herself out of power”.

The lies, misdirection and  misinformation  have finally caught up with the Prime Minister and by extension the PNP, which spells trouble in the coming months.

The Prime Minister and the PNP have been caught up in a situation, where they have found themselves with very little wiggle room, to spend money to extricate themselves from the current bind they have found themselves in. They cannot spend the IMF money willy nilly and the donors in Jamaica, do not like to bet on horses that are losing, so this spells disaster for the party that is least capable of rescuing the country from the mess the very party placed the country in over a 21 year period.

While many appears to be surprised by the devastating fall of the PM and the soccer punch to her ego, Jay is far from being surprised as just a review of my various post, would show my views on her performance at that of the PNP between 2012 and now.

A fall in grace by PSM does not however translate to win for the JLP, because the PNP with the guidance of the willy PJ Patterson, Vin Lawrence and Alston Stewart can certainly turn things around in the next two years.

They would however have to remake the Prime Minister and advise her to now do the very thing, they have said she was not supposed to have been doing over the last two and a half years and that is SPEAK to the Jamaican people.

For those comrades who have abandoned the blog, you can return, as its clear that Jay was on the right path all along and you may learn a thing or two about your own party, from someone who was also a part of the flock until he say the light and hightailed out of there.

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