Jamaica’s Ebola preparations or lack thereof ?

The Jamaican government led by the PNP appears to lack basic management strategies, which impacts every aspect of Jamaican lives ,mostly in a negative manner.

The economic policies of the PNP has never been one focused growth and expansion of the economy, but more so on distribution of the scares resources that are available,

The PNP have failed to manage in a responsible manner just about every aspect of Jamaican life and have been able to get away with doing so for a very long time. Their mismanagement is well documented, from the financial sector collapse, which incidentally is still costing this country millions on a daily basis to our current health crises

What has been good for us however, is the fact that we receive billions of dollars each year from our relatives overseas, which have managed to keep us going for sometime now.

The mismanagement of the Chikv outbreak is yet another stark reminder of the poor management practices of the PNP, as while they have been able to have their spin doctors and commentators talk away the problems or level blame on othesr, they have not be able to spin away the chikv epidemic.

They told us they were aware for two years before it came, yet when it did the Minister placed on a veil of denial, the apologist said its a media hype designed to create panic and anxiety and the Prime Minister simply ignored it as she would not ” talk her way out of power”.

The doctors were told to stop telling people they had chikv as they were not in a position to confirm that it was and by saying that it was chikv, was only screwing with the MOH offical figures of 37. When entire communities were left helpless and hospitals were bursting at the seams due to the influx of sick people all hell then broke loose

When the Minister and his agents could no longer hold back the truth he came on national television and appealed for the country to join him in cleaning up the country as we now had a chikv problem.

The Prime Minister only decided to speak, after a Bill Johnson poll showed the PNP was losing ground badly and she needed to repairs the party’s imagine by coming out in public to take charge of the Chikv problem after the horse had bolted ie she came out leading from behind.

Jamaica tends to look to the USA for support and ideas as to how to address many issues in this country and no doubt we have been paying keen attention to what is currently taking place in the USA. The CDC reported yesterday that a nurse had contracted the disease from treating the first patient to be diagnosed in the USA and in so doing became the first person to have contracted the disease in the USA. The CDC say their was a breach in protocol, which resulted in the nurse getting the virus , but was not in a position to say, how, where and when this breach may have occurred.

I have heard doctors being interviewed and saying, they have no real experience in dealing with such a outbreak and in fact were not prepared to deal with Ebola. They have also commented that the idea of having isolation areas at public hospitals was a bad idea and is one which could in fact lead to massive outbreak, which could easily get out of control.

The CDC is today looking to send a team of experts to Nigeria, to find out what that country has done to deal with and contain the Ebola outbreak and they can hopefully take this back to the USA, to ensure they have a system in place to prevent further spread.

We here in Jamaica, continues to play the freaking cover up game, one which says yes we are ready vs taking actual proactive steps to get ready to address this problem if ebola shows up at our door steps.

If Ebola shows up here , would our health center workers  be prepared to identify that such a person shows the telltale signs of ebola?

If they don’t happen to be able to do so and refers the person the public hospital, what are the prospects of a such a person?

If we are to go by what has been taking place at the public hospitals thus far, the patient would show up at the Emergency and Accident Unit to deal with a crush of human bodies waiting to see the over worked Doctors and Nurses.

The boorish Doctors and Nurses, would most likely send him back outside to mix with the general populace and be vomiting and excreting bodily fluids, which would simply be removed by a mop bucket with water and bleach by the hospital janitor.

By the time the sick patient is seen no less than 10 Jamaicans would have likely to have come in contact with the patient and possibly contracted the sickness, taken it hope and infected others, while trying to fix the problem with bush medicine as they cannot stand the indignity  at the public hospitals.

Let us all have a coherent and honest discussion on our Ebola preparation and stop the Bullsh#t talk of being prepared, when there are so many unanswered questions.

It seems the  only people that are prepared in Jamaica are as follows:

Dr Fenton Ferguson – Minister of Health

Dr Ducasse – Chief Government Medical Officer

Dr Keith Harvey – Permanent Secretary, MOH

Portia Simpson Miller – Prime Minister of Jamaica.

I have yet to hear a single Member of Parliament aka the PEOPLE’S REPRESENTATIVE in parliament suggesting any steps that the government should take to protect his/her people  and by extension all the people on the land.

If you have heard your MP stand up for your safety and protection please drop me a line so I can highlight it.

You may want to consider if these folks are your representatives at all ?

I am sure they are all however making plans to get the heck out of here leaving us all alone, if ebola does ever show up on our door steps.

I am not scare mongering, if you want that just turn your TV to CNN. I am sure had CNN been a Jamaican station it would have been banned and told it was creating panic and anxiety in the country, but here we are in Jamaican listening to every bit of details in the situation in the USA.

Our propensity to hide information, will be our undoing, but this is the way of the PNP.


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