Jay knocked over by ChikV like sympthoms

Jay, like many other Jamaicans have been knocked over by chikv like symptoms, which has left me with severe joints pains and a body that is sore to the touch.

Having paid a visit to the doctor earlier this week and requesting a test for confirmation, I was informed by the medical institution that they were out of reagents and so could not undertake the test. I was therefore given pain and fever reducer and sent on my way.

I am still trying to figure out when I was bitten by a mosquito, given that this is the only medium that we have been told that this virus can be transmitted, but I doubt I will ever know the answer to that. What I found frightening however is the rate of spread of this virus and the effects it had on my body, given that it was difficult to do basic stuff while being afflicted with this sickness. but I now on my way to recovery, thanks to “bissy”, which appears to have reduced the impact of the virus on my body. Unfortunately , I lost 4 days from work but should be back up and running very soon.

There are persons who have “recovered” and one week later continue to suffer from the impact of the chikv virus, which leads me ask, if we really understand what are the possible long-term impact of this sickness.

Bissy appears to showing up as something that appears to reduce the impact of the Chikv virus on the body, so the question is , will UWI or the SRC begin taking a closer look at this nut and its constituents and what may be the reason, why it appears to assist patients afflicted with chikv.

4 Responses

  1. Still struggling to do basic stuff. Entire body is sore and ankles only can keep me up for short periods. Really wonder again about the longterm impact of this virus

    • Jay, hope you get better soon. I’m glad to see that the Chik-V is not impacting your finger joints or your mental aptitude.

  2. Drink lots of water and fluids, it helps with the swelling at the joints which is what causes the pain.

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