AJ Nicholson has been our most ineffective foreign affairs minister

This particular minister does not appear to know what is roll as and has done virtually nothing to prevent the mistreatment of Jamaica nationals when they travel overseas.

He always does not appear to know what is going on and has not done anything to stop the mistreatment of Jamaicans nationals when they move around in the Caribbean

Trinidad has not been allowing free travel but AJ Nicholson seems clueless as to the steps he needs to take to protect Jamaicans. Despite his strident talk before taking up this roll, the man has turned out to be an embarrassment .


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  1. Another Press Release bought and paid for by the Jamaica Labour Party.

    So Jay, given you many visits to the Twin Island Republic, can you recount the number of times you were declined entry or treated poorly by the Trinidadians (please do not include the times you traveled on your JLP-issued Diplomatic Passport)?

    • What is AJ doing to stop the mistreatment of Jamaicans trying to enter Trinidad. That is the point that needs to be addressed.

      This situation cannot be allowed to continue. If it were Jamaica that was treating the people from Trinidad poorly, they would have done something a long time ago.

      AJ is a poor representative and is not doing a damn thing for the pay he is collecting.

      Our leaders must be held accountable!

      • You conveniently ignore the question that I posed just to avoid the fact that the Trinidadians are at their wits end at trying to contain all these misfits from entering their country under the guise of “going on vacation”. The Customs officials know that once the Jamaicans enter, they don’t leave.

        Do you really believe that AJ has any form of pull to tell the Trinis what they can or cannot do? The Trinis holds the handle and we, the Jamaicans, hold the blade. Now, have you, personally, experienced any form of mistreated at the hands of the Trinidadian Customs? A simple yes or no answer would suffice. I know the answer is no, so my follow up question would be, why not?

        • Not allowing someone in is one thing, mistreating an entire group of people is another thing. People must be treated with respect. I cannot and will not accept the mistreatment of fellow Jamaicans while visiting any other caricom country. The fact that some people are not mistreated is secondary as all must be accorded humane treatment . I am not suggesting they allow everyone in, but those refuse entry but be accorded dignified treatment.
          Now are you suggesting that we should not look to our government to allow this to take place.

          The problem we have in Jamaica is we allow bad stuff to go unchecked until it affects and I am saying we must change our attitude.

    • I don’t know why the comments of Ed Barlett would be any different than yours. After all, their press releases (JLP) form the basis for this and other threads generated daily on your blog. Can you prove otherwise?

      • What’s up with Basil Waite?
        Why is is the folks associated with PNP always seem to get involved in corrupt acts?

  2. In a release yesterday, Griffith supported the actions taken by immigration officers at the Piarco International Airport, in relation to the 13 Jamaicans who were denied entry on September 30, stating that they were found to be in breach of several immigration requirements.
    He said the immigration officials were doing their job and the authorities cannot act as a “rubber stamp” when it comes to allowing people into the country.


  3. Jay:

    I found the comment below very intriguing. What is your take on this comment by a Trinidadian? Is there any merit to his assertions?


    As an Afro Trinidadian, I feel Jamaicans need to know the truth behind immigration problems they experience in Trinidad.

    As an informed and unbiased individual, the immigration situation in Trinidad has political and racial undertones which are affecting people of African descent both within Trinidad and externally. Basically, the intent is to limit the amount of black people entering Trinidad. The cause of the problem stems from race/ethnicity and not nationality.

    First, in Trinidad, there are two dominant races, the East Indians and people of African descent (blacks). Prior to 2010, the PNM (an Afro/black based political party) was in power, and all Caricom citizens were allowed free entry and the opportunity to work in Trinidad, according to the Caricom Treaty. The PNM political party has always been in favour of regional integration and closer ties with Caribbean nations, since the days of the West Indian Federation and CARIFTA. In fact, thousands of people from Grenada, St. Vincent, St. Lucia, Barbados, Guyana etc. have been living in Trinidad since the 1930s without problems. Jamaicans tend to favour the more developed world: Britain, USA and Canada etc. and never ventured to the other islands; thus for a along time little interpersonal contact occurred between Jamaica and the rest of the English speaking Caribbean. In fact, it was not until after 2000, Jamaicans started coming to Trinidad and at that time they experienced no problems since Afro Trinidadians are welcoming to our Caribbean brothers and sisters.

    However, in 2010, the PP (an Indian based political party) came into power. Immediately, people of African decent began losing their jobs and were replaced by people of Indian descent. East Indian people from Guyana and Suriname were favoured and allowed free entry into Trinidad. Actually, the PP government passed a law that offered Indians from India, 3-months, no-questions-asked visa. While Afro/black people (Caricom citizens) from the other islands are being denied entry. This is racism and I am outraged. I feel ashamed to be Trinidadian. The Afro/black people of Trinidad know this Indian government’s goal is to increase the Indian population in order to remain in power. The opposition PNM politicians have been speaking out against this for the past 4 years with no response from the PP government.

    PP government is very unpopular and would be voted out of office in the 2015 general election. Then things can return to normalcy.


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