Jamaica is in a better place today vs two and a half years ago ! Portia Simpson Miller

The Jamaican Prime Minister speaking two weeks ago at the PNP 76th annual conference claimed that the performance of the PNP over the last two and a half years had left the country in a better position than were she found it in December 2011.

Just two weeks after this announcement, which was met with much applause, noted pollster Bill Johnson, completed a series of polls, which have shown a completely difference picture of the country.

Almost 75% of the country in responding to the pollster said the country was heading in the wrong direction and close to 50% said, they would rather have Andrew lead the country through the troubled waters that PSM.

In a swift response, the PNP turned the blame on the IMF, saying its the policies that it had to implement under the 4 year standby agreement, that has resulted in it being where it is today. The PNP even went further saying the results of the polls were expected and thereby not surprising.

What the PNP is in effect saying is ” we lied, we know you were suffering, but we could not have admitted that our policies was making life harder and harder for you all. Now that you have spoken albeit via a pollster, we have heard you and we want to fess up and say, we know you are all suffering but bear with us, the fruits will ripe soon”.

How can anyone trust people who are not willing to level with you and tell you the truth. How can you trust someone who chooses to hide information, from you, thinking that what you don’t know won’t hurt you.

The PM did not speak the truth two weeks ago, but like I have said on this blog, the truth remains static it does not change. You can either listen and act, or refuse to listen, but that will not make it go away.

Oh what a difference two weeks can make


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  1. I know Jay will not post such good news as it conflicts with his JLP agenda of reporting or commenting on perceived bad news. Jay and his cohorts are even wishing an Ebola epidemic on Jamaica.

    NIR makes major jump

    1:43 am, Wed October 8, 2014

    The Net International Reserves, NIR, have jumped to a 39 month high.

    The NIR which is the money set aside for the proverbial rainy day, rose by US$79 million last month. With the increase, the Bank of Jamaica says the NIR is now at more than US$2.2 billion.That’s the highest it has been since June 2011.

    At current levels the NIR is capable of purchasing just under 5 months of imports.


    • So we are now getting back to where we were in 2011, when the JLP was in power. So how can one say we are in a better position than 2.5 yes ago. You actual just confirmed that the pm was lying at their 76 conference.

      • See, you do not like good news 😀

        I guess you miss the point that between June 2011 to December 2011, the NIR was declining precipitously. Talk about reasoning abilities of Jamaicans.

        I don’t think you are eligible to vote in any future elections in Jamaica, based on your earlier assertions. 🙂

        • For a party that has been in power for 21 of the last 25yrs, how does one explain the poor condition the country finds itself. In just 2.5 yrs into the new term 70% of the population says the country is headed in the wrong direction.

        • Will be interesting to note where this money came from. Loan proceeds or actual production?

      • Thank you Chucks for enlightening us to the “ONLY TWO” components that could potentially impact NIR. You have to just love the capacities of labourites. They say things without much forethought, even if it makes them look foolish in the process.

        Chucks, you do know that are are other variables involve, don’t you? (Hint: { [existing balance+inflows]-outflows = NIR} ). You see Chucks, both Inflow and out flow can affect the basic equation. The components of Inflows are many, i.e, not just the two you mentioned and if the Out Flows are constrained (much lower than the prior periods), coupled with higher Inflows, that too can lead to higher NIR. O.K, you can go ahead and call me stupid or you can just ignore what I just said to avoid further embarrassment. 😀

        • Anonymous, you are a bright man don’t be stupid, the pnp is not doing anything extraordinary,we shouldn’t praise politicians for doing what must be done. It’s just like the pnp taking credit for programmes like JEEP and JEP when they have been declared failures or the pnp using a negative activity like Hurricane Sandy to say that houses have been built for people who were affected by the Hurricane

        • Jay, are you going to sit idly by and let Lipton call me stupid? As a former Comrade you owe me some level of protection from insults directed my way by Lippy. I don’t deserve this type of hostile treatment on your blog Jay. I am always cordial and respectful to all your bloggers. They are only two people on your blog that can call me STUPID and I will accept it as fact. Lippy is not one of them! I’m hurt by this label.

          I think an appropriate sanction would be to put him in the time-out corner for a two days. If he calls me stupid again, I will have to leave your blog forever (maybe a week). 😀

  2. This must be welcome news for Jay, as the PNP attempts to consolidate and reduce the size of the cabinet. Wait! I read somewhere where the JLP is against such a move and is upset that the Agriculture Ministry does not have it’s own Minister. Hmmm…… What are your thoughts on the matter Jay?

    Agriculture officially added to Kellier’s portfolio
    Wednesday, October 08, 2014

    PRIME Minister Portia Simpson Miller announced late Monday that on her recommendation, Governor General Sir Patrick Allen had appointed Derrick Kellier as minister of agriculture, labour and social security with immediate effect.

    “The appointment gives Kellier permanent portfolio responsibility for agriculture and fisheries in addition to his responsibility for labour and social security,” a news release from the the prime minister’s office.

    Kellier will be assisted by Luther Buchanan, who has been assigned minister of state for agriculture, labour and social security. Buchanan, meanwhile, will retain responsibility for rural development, one of his areas of ministerial duty while he was junior minister in the Office of the Prime Minister (OPM).

    The OPM said the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries and the Ministry of Labour and Social Security will continue to be designated as separate ministries within the Government and maintained that the agriculture portfolio would continue to receive focused attention.

    In his first official assignment in the new role, Kellier is representing the Government of Jamaica at Caribbean Week of Agriculture in Paramaribo, Suriname this week.

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