Comrades in shock, disbelief and denial

Comrades are still trying to come to terms, with the latest Bill Johnson polls, which suggested that over 70% of the population felt the PNP was leading the country in the wrong direction.

I have always said that part of our problem in Jamaica is the truth. If it serves our purpose then we want to hear it, if it does not then we would rather not hear it and will go as far as to question the integrity , credibility and motive of those who dare to speak what is called the inconvenient truth.

The Gleaner also reported that an internal poll commissioned by the PNP is giving the very same result as the Bill Johnson poll, which is saying the PNP is really in trouble, having lead Jamaica poorly over the last 2.5 yrs.

Commonsenseja has been vindicated not only by the Bill Johnson poll but also by the PNP’s own internal poll and I am amazed that so called comrades who were blowing steam on this blog were not aware of what is really going down on the ground. This once again proves my point that these folks are either lying or simply out of touch with what is really taking place on the ground.

The JLP cannot sit on its laurels however, as we all know the PNP is very crafty and with a couple of envelopes stuffed with $10,000, some curry goat and a couple drinks of spirit, the PNP could still win the next election.


7 Responses

  1. or they conveniently open the war chest of goodies just in time before elections to elicit the feel good effect just like PM Patterson used to do to win an unprecedented 3 terms . Ihope jamaicans are not fooled this time? These present day politicians are a disgrace and disaster, but i think the better option for jamaica at this time is Andrew Holness and the JLP

  2. I would love to hear the response of Wayne Jnr and Mr Anonymous etal to these recent polls results.

    • Jay, isn’t this the same pollster that said the 2011 Election race was tied or neck-to-neck? Do you remember the results of that election? PNP safe, we will win by another landslide come 2015/2016! We might even see you reconverting back to be a Comrade.

  3. Brazil just had an election, they had some pools which showed Ms. Silva as the favorite. I think the favorite is out. and is now a runoff between the incumbent and the person they had in third at the time of the poll.

    • Note.
      The party’s internal polls amongst comrades is showing the same results.

      What this will do however is to open the political pork barrel and the PNP will find money to do stuff to ensure the pull off a win in local government elections.

      Once money runs, I must concede that they will win.

      • And it is understood that the party’s internal polls is being done by Mr. Don Anderson so they knew long before that they were in trouble. Conference talk was just fluff.

  4. If the polls are not accurate, I would be the most surprised person here. Further, anybody who thinks the PM and cabinet are not aware of this should check themselves & ask how could it not be so? They are aware that if the buildout of the HUBs & new power stations does not start by election time, one North-South Hwy alone will not save them. They knew this 18 months ago or whenever the heck the IMF plan started. All that being said, 2 years is a lifetime in politics.
    I need whoever wins to continue the debt reduction/balancing the budget, to lay off at least (overall) 7500 government workers while increasing the size of the police force. I need more people who can ride & whistle because we have 99 problems not one. I believe the PNP will do a better job executing these primary objectives because of the trust and positive outlook they present to the Jamaican public- thus keeping us together during the dark days ahead. BUt if it falls to the JLP to do same, so be it. I just don’t think its in their DNA to not do so in an offensive manner nor one that takes into effect the poor.

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