The bitter medicine has now become poisonous and Jamaicans are dying !

The bitter medicine being meted out to us by the PNP under the agreement signed with the IMF have moved from being bitter, to downright poisonous.

Over the last two days, there has been two deaths that could have been avoided, had the government put in the place the necessary resources in the health sector to protect the lives of Jamaicans. Instead the health sector like many others are being deliberately starved of resources , which is responsible for the deaths of two Jamaicans at the public hospitals.

Those who have not yet died have spoken about the horrible conditions and the length of time they have to wait, in some cases up to 24 hrs to get life saving medical attention.

How can any leader stand in front of us Jamaicans and tell us we are better off today than three years ago, when we are dying as a result of lack of care at our public health institutions because they are deliberately being starved of resources.

Today, news broke that patients at the St Anns Bay Hospital, were not being fed because the hospital had run of of FOOD. I cannot  recall a time in our recent history, when the conditions were this bad and any other government, was willing to sacrifice of its residents to pass a test, I could be wrong but I cannot recall this ever happening before.

Is this really the agreement that the PNP signed to and was this the reason the JLP could not pass the various Test as they were not willing to put the lives of Jamaica behind the wills and dictates of the IMF?

Is the the type of medicine that Andrew Holness had warned us about, only to have the PNP suggest, that under their leadership our lives would have been better.

How many more lives is the Portia Simpson Miller administration is willing to sacrifice to pass the remaining test?

How many more Jamaicans are willing to sacrifice a loved one to allow the Government to pass the remaining IMF test?

How many more will we allow to die for lack of basic treatment, before we tell this government, that enough is enough.?

Our decision going forward from here will decide how many of us are around the enjoy the benefits of passing all these test, as I am sure at the rate we are going, many of us will die at the floor and door steps of the public hospitals before we get treatment.

No politicians will die however, as I can assure you, they will use the money, that is not available to provide healthcare to you and I to fly to Miami for treatment should they fall ill.

The ones suffering the most and are likely to die are the poorest among us and who happens to be the strongest supporter of the party in power, how ironic.

I am sure they will not blame the government, they will instead lay blame at the feet of the overworked and over burden healthcare worker who are not being provided with the resources to take care of the people. I hope that before this happens , , those in the health care sector make it known to the people that, they lack the resources required to look after them and they should ask their political representative to go to parliament and demand that more resources be provided to them, so they can deliver the type of care people would expect to receive from our public health system.

Anyone this this will ever happen, hhm fat chance.

It makes you wonder who is working for who ????


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  1. The scaremongering continues unabated. The question is: who will bell the cat? People like Jay are not interested in finding solutions, only spends their time criticizing and attempting to assign blame. He takes great pride in “wallering” in negativities and fear mongering. Jay, the futilitarian, is perennial pessimist. I can see why the true optimists (Comrades) have abandoned this blog for fear of being afflicted with alarmism.

    • Comrades have left because they cannot handle the truth. Truth is like poison to comrades !
      Just yesterday I had a long 3 hr conversation with another former comrade, who left the party due to the fact that like myself, when I left, the party had lost touch with reality.

      The sooner the people recognise this , the better.

    • Oh, what a difference a few years make. Back in time when the JLP was in power comrades were here because they felt the blog was anti-JLP and Pro PNP. What they obviously missed was the fact that I was critical of the party who is in power as in this case.

      The truth however cannot be handled so, guess what the opt to move on and that is fine, as the truth remains the truth and never changes. Hiding does not make it go away.

      Just get back on the archives between 2009-2011.

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