Local airport staff to be trained in the Ebola fight.

The above is the headline in today Gleaner, Friday, October 3, 2014.

Yesterday in a piece titled ” Ready for Ebola my ass” , I asked a number of questions, having been told by our Acting Chief Medical Officer, the Permanent Secretary in the MOH and the Minister that we are on high alert and have things in place to deal with any Ebola eventuality.


My first question to all three was .

Show us precisely what is in place at the points of entry to protect workers there as well as any passenger who may have come in contact with a suspected EBOLA case ie show us via JIS video

The government has done nothing but a disservice to Jamaicans,  that is begs the question if these people really care about our interest at all.

How on earth could these three persons who have primary responsibility to protect our people lie to us in such a blatant fashion by giving us the feeling that things were in place when clearly that was never the case as we can see now.

What if someone had entered our airports during the course of this week with Ebola like symptoms, how would the port workers identify these folks if they were not even trained ?

The training the we were all led to believe these workers had ALREADY received, will not commence until Monday, October 6, 2014, can you believe this.

Why would our government which says it cares about our interest put our people at such risk?

Why has the government only now taking practical steps to provide the people who are amongst the first who are likely to make contact with an EBOLA patient with the training that is requires?

Are we only now beginning to act because the USA has reported its first case?

What if the USA had not reported its first case to the world and hid the information to protect the “image” and tourism  in USA as we would have done in Jamaica,would we have started doing some work instead of just talking.

The Portia Simpson Miller administration is not serious and appears to be clueless on the actions that are to be taken to protect the people of Jamaica. While they can follow an IMF dictate as that is clearly spelled out for them, the Government appears to lack of a cohesive and systematic approach to this Ebola and any other viral threat is indeed worrying.

I am at a point now where I have lost confidence in the entire team , Dr Ducasse, Dr Harvey and Dr Fenton Ferguson and their commitment ( they may have the ability) to adequately protect the interest of the residents of Jamaica.

Their constant reassurance that things are in place have been blown to bits in just 48 hrs and now they are all rushing to do what was supposed to have been done in the very first place and leaves me a very worried man today.

Now that we have a confirmed case in Texas USA, what specific measures have been put in place for all flights and or passengers that come to our shores from the state of Texas.

Has the Ministry for example , setup at the airport surveillance to deal with passenger who fly Delta /AA from Dallas Texas to Miami and then Delta/AA  Miami to Jamaica, given the recent news out of Texas.

These are what I mean by being proactive, we cannot depend on the USA to try and prevent the stuff from getting here, we must do our part, if we are serious about protecting the interest of our nationals.

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