USA CDC in Atlanta announces its first case of the deadly ebola on USA Mainland

The Center for Disease Control in the USA with a population of over 254 million, earlier this afternoon made it public, that they have had their first case of the deadly ebola virus in that country.

The patient was said to have left Liberia on Sept 19, 2014 with no symptoms of the deadly virus. He arrived on the USA mainland on Sept, 20, 2014 showing no signs of the deadly virus. A few days later the man sought treatment and was later quarantined as it was now suspected that he had in fact contracted the deadly virus. Today it was confirmed that the man has in fact  afflicted with the deadly disease.

Here in Jamaica , a email has been circulating (rumours maybe) of a medical practitioner who may  contracted the diseases and the MOH is hiding the information. The ministry has already denied that this the case, but given the MOH screw-up with the Chik-v , they have not been found to be credible and so now, no one is believing anything that comes out of the mouth of the minister of the ministry.

The USA is concerned about the welfare of its population and chooses to provide full disclosure, while in Jamaica, we have a tendency to “hide” information because we do not believe our people are smart enough to understand what is being said and we need to ensure we keep them in the dark to “protect” them.


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