Two suspected cases of Chikv related deaths so far

Last week we received reports of a six form student of Camperdon, who fell in is bathroom, hit is head and died. It was further learnt that the student had been home trying to recover from a suspected bout of chik-v. The youngster had become so week as a result of the virus that he was unable to stand and balance properly, when ended up costing him is life.

Today we received report of a 7 yr old younger from Papine, who displayed Chik-v like symptoms beginning on Sunday and died when he was taken to the University of the West Indies Hospital earlier.

This afternoon I was made aware of another in 8 miles Bull Bay, where an elderly lady, who passed away a few days ago having come down with Chik-v like symptoms.

With the rising number of cases of death related to Chik-v, the approach must be different if we are to prevent this virus taken a strangle hold on the country.

The Government approach to this virus has to be blamed for the rapid spread of the sickness and they must now stop the nonsense and address this issue as a matter or urgency.


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