Scores of CHEC workers turn up and Andrews Memorial with Chik-v like sympthoms

Andrews Memorial Hospital was abuzz with activities today as scores of CHEC workers turned up at the health facility with very obvious rashes and other chik-v type symptoms.

What was very obvious at the institution however , was the medical staff all wearing masks as they moved to deal with the many patients they had to deal with, which has lead to further speculation that their is in fact an airborne virus going around, which mimics the chik-v symptoms.

I am no medical expert, but if there is something other than chik-v that is causing isues out there, then the public needs to be aware, so they can adequately protect themslves from this one also.

This concern was further strengthen by the fact that Dr Garth Rattray who happens to be a medical doctor was struck down with chik-v like symptoms, but tested negative for the virus.

This is no time to hide information from people , it is best to be open and speak the truth so we can safeguard ourselves and our families.



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