Is there something else out there that is not Chik-V ?

Dr Garth Rattery writing in the Gleaner today reported that he had all the symptoms of Chik-v but his test and that of a relative with similar symptoms both returned negative results, leading him to question if their is something else out there.

People have indicated, they have no record of being bitten by mosquitos but have experienced the Chik-v symptoms, which is further heightening concerns that the virus (which ever it is) is being spread by means other than the mosquito.

So the question is, are we seeing something other that Chik-v, given that we have statements from a credible medical doctors who had all the symptoms but tested negative for Chik-v.

This question needs to be answered.

Is the epidemiology Department of the University of the West Indies Mona, looking into these cases to  try and make a determination of what is really taking place here.

What if we do in fact have something other than Chik-v that is now being spread NOT by mosquitos. If there is in fact something else, then all this cleaning, fogging etc, will do nothing to slow down the spread of this “other thing” resulting in significant cost in the future months.

Finally, what are the long term effects of Chik-v and whatever else is out there ?

Is there a new strain of the influenza out there ?


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