Chik-v hysteria by the opposition ?

The Minister of Health, Dr Fenton Ferguson, made a national broadcast to the nation last evening, one full month after the opposition hysteria about the Chik-v situation, which was at that time said to be all over Eastern St Thomas.

Dr Ferguson, blasted the opposition for creating mass hysteria and creating noise where it was not needed and chided them for not being more responsible. Sections of the media chided  JLP caretaker for Eastern St Thomas Mr Seiveright for jumping the gun on this Chik-v “outbreak” when it was clear from the number of confirmed cases, that this was not so. Mr Seiveright, stung by the criticism of his stance went silent and the Dr Ken Baugh became the JLP’s voice of authority on the matter.

Dr Ferguson, further went on the tell Doctors to STOP advising people that they had Chik-v unless medical test was done to confirm that this was the case and amazingly (as previously mentioned) the Medical Doctors Association of Jamaica agreed with the Minister.

Not much has changed between now and then, the Doctors have stopped advising people they have Chik-v and so they no longer report there suspicions to the MOH, but alas the Minister has found it necessary now to give a national broadcast on Chik-v when there is really no issue at all, or is there one ?

The PNP have always felt they can mismanage every situation, they have always been led to believe they are the masters of misinformation and misdirection, but somehow they have allowed this one to get away from them.

They attempted to muzzle the opposition  and the doctors, but all this has done is to fuel misconception that the Government is hiding something from the people, leading to the complete chaos we now have and resulting in loss of credibility of the Minister, the MOH and the government.

The PNP have managed to mismanage even mismanagement , thus creating chaos in this country and continues to lead this country down a path from which it will take no less than 20 years for full recovery.

I have long lost faith in the ability of any PNP administration to improve the economy of this country as being a populist party with a populist leader, all they need to do to stay in power is shell out $10,000 and some food and they are assured of a next election victory.

The PNP was willing to expose and sacrifice thousands of Jamaicans just to keep the party/government looking good and to save face, but alas, while the sacrifice was made, they could not save face as the media has made sure to expose the hundreds of cases that would have otherwise just been a figment of someones imagination.

I am not surprised however as this is how the PNP have always operated. We have to give thanks that Chik-v is/was not deadly as if it were, thousands would have today been mourning.

The Prime Minister is once again missing in action as she always is when issue of national importance faces the country, where the PNP is not in a positive to take any credit.

That is a testament to the type of leadership, which we have in Jamaica, well done madame PM, you are the simply the best leader to ruin this country.

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