Are our MP’s working on the behalf of the people or the party ?

Members of Parliament on paper are said to be the peoples representative in the house of parliament, but are they really working on the behalf of the people or the party.

I cannot recall in recent memory any parliamentarian  who has been willing to challenge the party’s position especially when that position runs counter to the collective will of the people. I have been asked however, what is the will of the people, do they know what they really want, have they laid down   Key Performance Indicators for their elected representative , which must be met  between yr 1 and yr 5, in order to determine if they are fit to continue in that position.

If the MP’s are our representative and are working on our behalf, can someone explain, why the situation is as bad at it is at the national and local level, or is it that the people are comfortable with the level of representation that they are receiving.

What I see is a bunch of people who is willing to follow the party line to the end, regardless of the effect of the actions that are being undertaken by the political party is likely to have on their constituents.

I am always amused at the lengths that people will go to ensure their non-performing MP gets elected year after year and the terrible living conditions most of these people have to contend with from one generation to the next.

It must therefore be that the MP’s are in fact working on the behalf of the people and the conditions they have to live with are the conditions they want to live and are comfortable in their space.

There is therefore no need to risk being thrown from the party if the people are happy with the level on representation that is being provided by these MP’s.

I guess this explains why Jamaica is in the position is in today ” Jamaica, no problem mon”.


2 Responses

  1. Today piece in the observer highlights my point.
    Don’t use poor people money finance political campaigns’

    If you cannot finance your own campaign, don’t run election: A you get the prestige and privileges,” Warmington insisted.

  2. Wake up call for all MP is the recent polls. You are elected to be the peoples representative in Parliament, that is the job. Yet when a decision is to be made the party’s position take precedent over the people’s interest.

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