Flexi- work week has been around in Jamaica for a long time.

The passing of the flexi-work week bill has been met with mixed reactions by many. On one hand some businesses have said it will see a reduction in the cost of doing business by reducing overtime payments. On the other hand the church is not amused, because according to them it will impact the rights/ability of the people to worship  as well as , moral and spiritual , family and cultural life.

I worked in the hotel industry over 15 years ago and flexi work week was the order of the day. People worked 40 hrs and were scheduled for two days off at a time of their choosing as per agreement with them and their supervisors and we had very little issues.

Those who were adventist were given Friday’s and Saturday’s off and Sunday worshipers would have Sunday’s off plus another day and it worked very well.

Now there were cases were special functions were being held and persons would have been asked to make changes to their day off, to accommodate these functions and once again not too much issues.

For the seventh day adventist and others griping, have you ever flown on a airline on a Saturday or Sunday. Have you ever been to a hotel on either of days to relax and enjoy some well needed rest.

If your answer to either is yes, then it means people would have had to be working to provide the services you paid for and I am sure you would have been furious if you believed that these people should not work.

For sabbath keepers, what if your house was been broken into between 6pm on Friday and 6pm on Saturday or you had a fire at your home during this period of time, would you expect the police of fire department to show up.

Further, if you had an accident during this time and you were taken to the hospital, would you expect to get medical attention to save your life?

Now let me ask these people, what if all the people above were Seventh Day adventist, what would have been your expectations ?

As you can see readers, all those essentials services  mentioned are expected to operate 24hrs per day 7 days per week and 365 days year and guess what, they have to  operate on a flexi week system.

Rev Earl Thames in a letter to the editor in today’s gleaner ( Thursday, Sept 25, 2014) says flexi week is a return to slavery. This is the kind on nonsense that passes for logical reasoning in Jamaica today.

We want all the benefits of a first world country, but we are unwilling to do what is necessary to earn our way towards that goal, instead we want tp do the bare minimum and beg and borrow the rest of the way.

Flexi work week has been around a long time and all this legislation has done is merely formalizing a practise that already exist.

Boy oh boy, what a country !


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